The 5 Benefits of Travelling With Natural Fibres

The 5 Benefits of Travelling With Natural Fibres



We have all been there, walking around a foreign city or even a weekend away with your family and you start to notice an odour, and it's coming from your clothes. You may notice that while it's not too hot out, you feel overly warm and like your body can't breathe. Often, this is the cause of synthetic fibres. Synthetics fibres are often denser and heavier than their natural fibre counterparts - meaning they absorb and hold stains, dirt and smells.

When we buy clothes or search for fabric, very few of us really wonder where it has come from, but perhaps we should. Thinking about how our fabrics were created, as well as whether they are good for us and the environment should be at the forefront of an eco-conscious individuals mind.


What are natural fibres?

Natural fibres are fabrics made from natural raw products. They include cotton, hemp, linen, bamboo, and jute.

Fibres from these plants are then spun to create yarns that are made into fabric. Natural fibres are grown - not manufactured from chemical compounds, like synthetics. We're all aware of the importance of what we put into our bodies to fuel them with energy and the truth can also be said for what we put on to our bodies - and that starts with our clothing. 


So when it comes to travelling, why should you and your family opt for natural fibres?



1. Comfort

Natural fibre are more comfortable to wear on the skin. They are moisture wicking, biodegradable, breathable, durable, naturally repellent to mould and dirt, and even heat responsive. In addition to this, man-made fibres such as viscose, nylon and polyester can cause reactions in sensitive skin causing itching, rashes, and irritation especially when active while travelling . 


2. No-Brainer Care

Cotton is easier to wash and care for than other fabrics, adding to the list of reasons we love it. Even better, cotton doesn’t retain odours like oil-based fabrics, so don’t stress if you forget to wash your favourite shirt. This also means cotton clothing will last longer and keep you fresher longer while travelling. Typically when travelling, you're either outsourcing laundry facilities, or like us just washing your clothes in the bathroom sink - having clothes that are easy to launder, that you don't have to worry about dry-cleaning or other specific laundering ensure that you still have beautiful prices to travel in. 


3. Skin Sensitivities

Unfortunately, I am super prone to prickly heat and usually get a severe case when travelling in warm climates. I can't wear fabrics that don't breathe on the skin as it irritates and makes rashes like prickly heat ten times worse. Letting the skin breathe is essential when dealing with skin conditions. Cotton is naturally hypoallergenic, has anti-bacterial qualities as well as being super soft - this why this cotton is used in bandages. It really is perfect for travellers with skin sensitivities.


4. Keep Cool & Stay Warm

Cotton is a true allrounder. It protects you from the heat of the summer and cold in the winter. Cotton is made of many fibres, woven together to create a complete piece of fabric. These fibres trap air between you and the cotton and that layer of air can either warm up and keep you toasty, or flow freely to keep you cool. Our all natural cotton clothing will act in the same manner—keeping you comfortable no matter the season.


5. Durability

Now that you’re convinced that the only material you’ll ever use is cotton, it’s good to know how durable it is. While discussing the many great qualities of cotton, it’s important to call out how strong this natural fibre really is. It’s strength means it won’t disintegrate in the washing machine, it won’t easily tear when wet, and can handle hot water and static without issue. Overall, choosing to travel with natural fibres reduces the items you need to pack, and you won't have to worry about your favourite pieces falling apart! Invest in natural fibres so you don't get caught out travelling.


Clothes made from natural fibres are probably the best choice you can make in order to improve your health, well-being and comfort while travelling. These fibres are our go-to when travelling for both ourselves and our little travellers for both comfort, aesthetics and durability . 


Read those labels and understand what makes your clothing wonderful. 


All our love,

Miann & Co x 

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