5 Tips To Staying Organised With Kids

5 Tips To Staying Organised With Kids

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With so many of us juggling so many balls at the moment the key to keeping the wheels on the cart is being organised and planning . 

This starts with the little ones and we find when things are organised the flow of our house just works when things are not we find we live a little more out of control and the wheels really do start to fall off . 


Our two year old can be a tornado one day with every single draw emptied but we have found the key to coping with these days is to have some kind of organisation . These are tips that help us stay organised : 


1.  Ensure that every item has a home . 

Everything in the house needs to have a spot where it belongs and we need to make everyone aware of where these spots are . 

we have hair clips in little spots / undies / socks / toys and books they all have their own special spot in the house that everyone knows where it belong . 

so when we get back to the morning rush every one knows where to find a hair brush / clips / tooth brushes / notes and their school bags which keeps everyone responsible in the family to play their part in keeping the house organised .


2. Do Regular declutters 

Clutter accumulates quickly mail / little one kinder projects / notes . We get to Friday and ensure that we file every thing hang the kinder art on the fridge and ensure that everything has a spot to be . With babies growing through there clothes super fast I keep one side of the wardrobe with collapsable boxes that I can easily sort and file babies clothes as they grow to keep and either pass on to a friend or later donate to charity .  

3. But less and buy well 

This is a philosophy that we have always lived buy . Buying well and having less . This has always been a philosophy that we have lived buy and buy doing this you don't have as much clutter . We found we where gifted so many plastic toys with our eldest children that broke easily I was doing weekly clean outs of our baskets and it created so much unnecessary waste . We prefer wooden or handmade toys or nature the kids get hours of entertainment from being outside . We also invest in natural fibre clothing not only because its better for us to wear on our bodies but it also helps with producing less waste and also limits the micro plastics you are washing into the ocean . 



4. Clean at the end of the day 

We never go to bed with a messy house . Everything is always put back in its place to start the day fresh . What happens during the day can look like a bomb has exploded but starting the day fresh with a clean house helps with the morning routines . 


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5. Get the kids involved 

We involve the kids with keeping things organised and have different age groups and everyone from the 2 year old to the 12 year old pitch into help with clean up . We never used to do this and the kids weren't aware of the time that it took us to clean up - now they understand the time and team work makes light work .

Make it fun we let the kids organise their own spaces , they love certain pillows / wall art and they even love there own scents that we use in a diffuser that we have running during the day and night .


These tips our household keep some kind of normality and keep us all sane when thing get added to the family routine .






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