I recently had the opportunity to interview Brett, father of two dearest sisters. Take an insight into his life as a father and be sure to check out and @dearest.sisters  x

What is your favourite memory of being a kid?

My father worked away so I would have to say it was when he was home to take me to my sporting events! 

What is your favourite memory of being a dad?

Building a bird aviary with him, it only took us the weekend and we thought we were pretty amazing when we had it finished.

What was one special thing you and your dad used to do together? 

We didn’t have many traditions together as my dad was away for months at a time at work so, that’s why I’m so focused on my girls now when I’m home and doing things with them they’ll remember when they grow up. 

What is your favourite thing to do with your daughters?

It’s different with both girls, Lailah would have to be to collect eggs from our chicken yard, we do it many times a day and she gets so excited about it! And Zaylee is so much fun at the moment she loves being chased around the house and she is obsessed with dancing so that’s a lot of fun, I also love being home and getting to put her to bed sometimes now, she loves being cuddled to sleep so that one on one time just in the quiet is so special. 

What do you enjoy most about being a dad?

The fun of watching them grow into their own little people, they’re both so funny and crazy but full of love and enjoy cuddles so it’s just an amazing time for me at the moment. 

What surprised you most about being a dad?

It probably sounds cliche but I would have to say the unconditional love, it’s honestly crazy how much they can stress you out with tantrums but just one smile and everything is forgotten. 

How will you be spending this Father's Day?

Hopefully start with cuddles from my girls in bed, including Rach who’s currently pregnant with our third! Then maybe a brunch somewhere or Sunday picnic in the sunshine with my girls would be great! As long as we are all together that’s all I could want!

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