Happy Fathers Day to all the Dads out there! I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Co-founder of Miann & Co, Terry, to find out how he's spending Fathers Day with his three beautiful kids this year, and special memories he has from his childhood. Let us know how you're spending Fathers Day this weekend. 

How do you like to spend Fathers Day?

As long as it is with my family, I really don’t mind what we do.  Sometimes we go away for the weekend and that makes it a special weekend for everyone and not just because it’s fathers day.  Having fun is what counts most.

What are you hoping your kids do for Fathers Day?

I hope they behave!!  No, just joking, I hope we get to spend time together and really anything they do will be great!

What's your favourite breakfast?

Breakfast burritos are my absolute favourite!  Especially if one of the fillings are Chorizo sausage. Trying something new and different when you go out for Breakfast is great too.

What do you remember about Fathers Day as a kid?

Well, I remember getting up early to give my dad his present.  Generally it was something we made at school.  We also use to steel his aftershave or something like that to wrap up and re-gift to him ... I was very tight.

What are your best memories of holidays or family gathering as a child?

I used to love holidays, because we all got together as a family and would do something, even if it was a picnic for the day or go away for the weekend to catch up with family.  When the whole family got together it was a big event and I remember how much fun and laughter there use to be when everyone was together. 

How would your kids describe you?

That’s a tough one!!  Depends on the day I think and if they get their way or not...

What's the best thing about being a father?

Being able to share your life with your kids and being able to make them laugh, there is nothing more rewarding or satisfying than making your kids laugh and hearing them laugh from their stomach.

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