Geelong - Our Favourite Summer Spots

Geelong - Our Favourite Summer Spots

Welcome to Geelong, Miann & Co’s home! We would love to share with you an insiders guide to the best things to see and experience here - everything you should do, where you should visit, and where to eat! If you are a local in Geelong or you feel like venturing down for the weekend we have some awesome tips and ideas for you! We have collected all of our favourite things to do on a beautiful Summer weekend and we thought it would be a great idea to share these hot spots with you! 

It is so important to take a break on weekends and step out of your work mind frame. We love surrounding ourselves in beautiful scenery, trying knew experiences and eating delicious things (who doesn’t?!)

To make it simple we have broken it down into a simple list, all of these suggestions are amazing to experience with or without little ones:

Top 3 favourite scenic locations, Top 3 activities, and Top 3 eateries. 



1. The Geelong Botanic Gardens

Stimulate your senses with the stunning colours and sweet scenes of the amazing plant collection offered at the Geelong Botanic Gardens. There are peaceful lawns to soak up the sunshine on and beautiful paths to stroll down. This little beautiful space is also free!

2. Geelong Vintage Market

The Geelong Vintage Market is a magical and quirky wonderland! With over 70 stalls the Geelong Vintage Market features beautiful antiques and down right weird and wonderful stuff! And you just might find yourself a little gem! The Vintage Market also has its own cafe which is perfect to stop by for a snack.

3. Geelong Waterfront

Described as one of Australia’s most stunning waterfronts this beautiful cosmopolitan area is vibrant and full of stunning landscapes, attractions, art and eateries. The waterfront is definitely worth visiting as there is something to please everyone!



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1. Exploring the Geelong Gallery

The Geelong Art Gallery is a major regional gallery in Geelong offering over 4,000 art pieces aiming to deliver artistic and cultural advancement for the community thus making Geelong a more liable city. This beautiful gallery is certainly worth checking out.

2. Go for a ride on the Ferris wheel

Geelong's gorgeous waterfront is even more recognisable in Summer now due to the giant colourful Ferris Wheel that calls it home. In the evenings this spectacular wheel comes alive with over 24 light patterns. You are able to see endless views of Corio Bay from its height. The ride lasts for a total of 7-10 minutes and is a worthwhile attraction to visit if you are strolling along Eastern Beach.

3. Check out Geelong’s Street Art

Geelong central in home to some incredible murals that add a creative flare to this wonderfully artistic city. These are 3 note worthy murals worth looking at.

  • To The Unknown by Cam Scale - located on the side of the former Port of Geelong Authority in Brougham Street.
  • Moi-Yo-Miller by Michael Cassar - located on the corner of James St and Mimms Lane
  • Union Street Mural - a wonderful designated community art space where local artists are able to display their work.



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1. Born and Bread Bakehouse

Located on Pakington Street Geelong, this is one of our weekend favourites. This humble little cafe specialises in beautiful sourdough, coffee and artisan goods. We can’t go past one of their divine gourmet sandwiches with all the trimmings!

2. Kilgour Street Grocer

This is our daily regular as well as weekend! Located just a skip away from our offices you will often find us there hunting for a yummy lunch treat. With a strong belief in community this gorgeous cafe offers “old-school hospitality” and VERY good sandwiches (it seems we can’t go past a sandwich haha!). This grocer also offers top quality pantry essentials like eggs, milk, cheese and also gifts! It is an all round winner with awesome coffee.

3. The Village Door Geelong

Craving that authentic European food experience in Geelong? Look no further than The Village Door! This homely cafe offers hearty meals and incredible coffee, what more could you ask for? A PLATTER! They offer them too! And they're good, really good. They offer an ultimate breakfast platter that includes every breakfast option you could ever want, and also a lunch platter that pays tribute to all of their very best traditional lunch items such as, cevapi, krajnksi, pita bread, chicken and calamari. 


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I’m hungry just writing this!

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