Gender Neutral Children's Clothing

Gender Neutral Children's Clothing

A question we’re often asked is: “Why don’t you sell more boys clothing?”

And to put it simply- we sell a lot of ‘boys’ clothing.

The term ‘Gender Neutral’ may seem like a complete buzzword at the moment, like it’s simply the new and trendy thing in fashion. In the simplest of terms, it’s the movement of rejecting the extremely tired and outdated practise of keeping blues for boys and pinks for girls.

|  We like to think of it as the way forward  |

Yes, we do still manufacture pieces that are typically feminine- like skirts, dresses and florals. However, we don’t design these with little boys or little girls in mind. We design thinking of the child. Of those who are sensitive to certain fabrics against their skin, of those who like climbing trees and getting muddy, those who like running into the ocean fully clothed.

By purchasing products that not only last longer- because they are produced ethically from sustainable fabrics- but in colours that aren’t ‘gendered’, you’re helping the earth. You’re being sustainable too. We choose to produce pieces that can grow with your children and all the seasons they go through. Clothing that can be passed down to siblings, cousins and friends without gender being a consideration.

Whether you incorporate a few gender neutral items into your own or your child’s wardrobe, or start completely from scratch with all unisex colours- it ultimately helps you walk a little lighter.

Let your little one be who they want to be, let them roam.

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