Happy New Year!

We said so long 2017 yesterday by spending it at home surrounded by friends and Family. 2017 was one for the record books. We introduced our third child to the Miann & Co family and so began the juggling of a newborn, becoming a family of five, renovating and being a business owner in 2017. It has been a year of massive highs and at times we have been stretched to our limit running the tank on minus and all with not a lot of sleep.

But as we enter 2018 I cannot help but smile. We survived and the goals we have kicked in 2017 have been the biggest ones with the biggest rewards. Our business hit the 7 year mark and whilst in some ways it feels like a lifetime it also feels like we are just starting out. So many areas to grow in and so much still to learn. 

We want to say huge thanks firstly to our small team and all the people that support our business behind the scenes. This includes incredible friends who have participated in photoshoots, the gorgeous parents who have given their time to help us with our photoshoots the incredible brand reps that have collaborated with us in 2018. To our 3 full time working staff members that have kept our business moving whilst we have had babies and extended our home, this year it has been incredible to see you take whatever we have thrown at you and run with it.

To you, all our loyal customers, thank you for supporting a small family business, for loving what we do and for sending feedback and keeping us real when we make mistakes. We love you all and we hope everyone has a happy, safe and healthy 2018.

Big thanks and big love,

the Miann & Co Family  x

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