HOW TO: Find your size in Miann & Co!

HOW TO: Find your size in Miann & Co!

You might be wondering what to expect from our sizing - and let’s face it, there is no standard when it comes to sizing. I have so many different sizes in my wardrobe and I’m sure you feel the same when I say that choosing the right size – especially when shopping online – can be difficult. While it can be very frustrating to have so many sizes in your wardrobe, we are big believers in wearing what makes you feel good, regardless of the size. Feeling good and comfortable in the clothes you wear is our top priority. We are passionate about teaching women that they are more than the size of their clothing, and we’re always here to help with choosing the best size for you and your needs. So, how do you buy clothing to fit your body online?  Scroll down to read our guide to help you choose the right size in Miann & Co with confidence!

WHAT FABRICS DO MIANN & CO USE? We exclusively use natural fibres, and it is something we are extremely passionate about. We typically produce in knitwear and wovens - and we love educating our customers on how these fabrics differ from each other, and how they’re made. Understanding your fabrics is one of our top tips to better shop online. Let’s breakdown our two types of clothing.
WHAT SHOULD I EXPECT FROM KNITWEAR? First and foremost, our sizing runs quite generous, and has been intentionally constructed that way. All our knitwear is made exclusively from 100% cotton. Knitwear is made from a single yarn that is continuously looped, meaning they will give with wear and return to shape after washing. Due to the generous nature of our knitwear, if you prefer a firmer fit, we recommend sizing down where possible. As we produce in natural fibres, your knitwear won’t pill or ball like clothing made from synthetic nasties. We deliberately design our products this way so your knitwear can be worn over and over, rather than getting a few wears out of them. Our knitwear sizing generally works to this standard: XS: AU 8-10 S: AU 10-12 M: AU 14-16 L: AU 18-20 XL: AU 20-22 However, there are exceptions with different styles as some pieces have different design features. Our biggest recommendation is to look at the descriptions of each product, regardless of your size or whether you’ve worn our clothing before. We work extremely hard to ensure that our descriptions are tailored to each individual style, and we will always detail if a piece fits larger, or smaller, and any care requirements that a garment may have.
WHAT SHOULD I EXPECT FROM WOVENS? The majority of our summer collections are made woven garments. Unlike knitwear, wovens do not have any stretch to them. They are made from multiple threads that are interlaced in a criss-cross pattern and are generally more structured that knitwear. Due to their lack of stretch, our woven garment sizing does differ from knitwear. And differs from garment to garment based on the fibre used. In our woven collections, we use cotton poplin and muslin, and linen/cotton blends to get a light and airy fabrication. Each of these fabrications will have a different fit. Our woven sizing generally works to this standard: XS: AU 8-10 S: AU 10-12 M: AU 14-16 L: AU 16-18 XL: AU 18-20 As with our knitwear, all our woven clothing has exceptions that may make one garment fit differently from another. Again, we recommend reading in-depth the descriptions of each product to better understand what you’re purchasing.
HOW DO I GET THE RIGHT SIZE? Every garment on our website has detailed, individual sizing charts rather than a standard sizing chart for all garments. We do this as we believe it makes it easier to choose the right product for you, and you can get an understanding of the measurements for each piece and measure your body correctly. We use flat measurements for each garment and are measured off the front of the garment only. This means to find circumference; you’ll need to double the measurement if you are measuring against your body. Coupled with the individual detailed product descriptions, you’ll get an accurate description and view of the product and it’s design features. You can find all our size charts at the end of the product image carousel. Another point of reference is our product imagery. Where possible, we try to shoot our garments on many different sized bodies. What we love most about clothing is that everyone likes their garments to fit different ways, and no two people will wear a garment the same! All our product imagery is shot to show how the garment has intentionally been designed, but this doesn’t mean you have to wear the garment that exact way.
WHAT IF I NEED FURTHER ASSISTANCE WITH SIZING? If you need further help with sizing, please don’t hesitate to get in touch! We’re able to help via email, social media and a phone call. Our forever goal is to help you feel as comfortable and confident in our clothing as possible, and to spread our love of natural fibres to the wider community!

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