Looking After Yourself Whilst Pregnant

Looking After Yourself Whilst Pregnant



It is so important to look after yourself and nurture the whole you while being  pregnant. We have popped our top  tips we have found / experienced to assist our mums to be when being pregnant or thinking about becoming pregnant. 



During the first and third trimesters you are likely to be much more tired than usual. It is really important to rest your body, you owe it to yourself and in some instances you don't have choice but to slow down and rest . Growing a tiny human is a lot of work and it certainly takes it out of you reinforcing the importance to rest , future and revive . Try your best to get early nights or give into the urge for an afternoon siesta. If nap time isn't possible we find taking a few vital minutes of the day to sit quietly by yourself and recharge is also really important and oh so needed when growing a little human.


Once you have had your little bub there will be times where you need to accept help. It is also important to accept help while you are pregnant, even if it is something as small as washing the dishes. It will help relieve feelings of being tired and overwhelmed. 


Rest time whilst you are pregnant is super important but exercise is equally as important .  By exercising you are strengthening your muscles - this can help your body and help ease some of your pregnancy aches and pains. Be kind to yourself if you cannot get our of bed because of morning sickness take it easy stretch and walk when you can. Going for a walk in nature can help immensley.


During pregnancy and the birth of your little one your pelvic floor muscles will be under a lot of strain therefore it is a great idea to strengthen them as much as possible prior to this. In my first pregnancy I wasn't aware of my pelvic floor and the necessity to do these until I started birthing classes . By strengthening these muscles it will assist in carrying the weight of the baby as well as help in the mending process after giving birth. 


Nurturing and take care of yourself while you are pregnant will help you embrace the growing of a new small human. Taking time during your day to do things that bring you joy is fantastic and if you can get into the habit of doing this whilst you are pregnant it will be easier to follow through with the habit after the baby comes. Indulge in beautiful natural scubs and oils to help with your itchy stretching skin . Try the hermosa Belly oil.




It is important to be aware and listen to both your body and mind. Keep a journal of what is happening with your body and understand  and listen to your body and its amazing changes. Sometimes these changes aren't easy hello morning sickness but ensure that you are remembering to hydrate  ( if you can )  and seek medical help when you need it .


Your body is growing a baby so it would only be fair to nourish it with everything it needs to feel its best during this time. First semester is complete survival and often what ever you can stomach or keep down or in is what you eat  . Be kind to yourself .


Stress is a powerful thing that can result in physical and psychological repercussions so if you can avoid being in stressful situations while you are pregnant . Being pregnant  is when those mamma instincts first quick in and can make worrying a really real thing.Try activities such as gentle exercise or walk in nature and meditation. Communicate your concerns to your partner or if need be a medical professional .


Being organised can help  ease feelings of stress and the unknowing. Pack your hospital bag that little bit earlier it takes the stress out of any unexpected hospital visits . Another tip is to having all of the possible contact numbers you need on hand and easy for anyone and everyone to access if they need to. 


The unknown can be scary and being sick for nine months is honestly no joke . Ask all your questions keep a note book and journal of your questions so you don't leave doctors appointments with unanswered questions . 


Enjoy the miracle and privilege of bringing new life into this world we as women all have our unique journey's and everyone's pregnancy is different . Enjoy the journey and the miracle that you create . What a privilege it is to be a mother and something that has been my greatest accomplishment .

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