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We had the chance to have a chat to the gorgeous beachy mama Eleesha from @the.quinn.girls. We asked her what she loves about being a mum and how she is spending Mother's Day this year. Thanks for talking to us x 

We would love if you would tell us a little about your family?

I’m a stay at home/work at home mama to three darling daughters Logan, Aleeia and Isla. My hubby works away for 7 days and then has 7 days off which he spends 5 of working in our business. So our household is very time together  poor. We try and make every moment count. 

How will you be spending Mothers Day this year?

Unfortunately my hubby is away on mother’s day so we will just enjoy spoiling my mama on mother’s day. 

What is your go to outfit for every day mum life? 

My go to outfit would definitely be denim shorts and shirt or flowy dress

What is the best advice you were given as a first time mum? 

The best advice that was given was  from my grandmother. She told me that no matter how you raise your children, weither you smack or do tome out, vaccinate or not, make their purée from scratch or out of a bottle... there’s only one right way to raise a baby and that’s with love. Everything else will fall into place

Who do you look to for motherhood inspiration? 

Definitely my mama. She is always the first person I call for advice, after all she did raise one awesome kid!

Name 3 things you love most about motherhood? 

The best thing I love about motherhood would have to be watching these little humans that you grew inside you, become these smart little people who teach you what life is really all about.

What do your children do to make you laugh? 

Their dancing literally cracks me up. Where do they learn these moves - I swear they watch their father!

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Demi Knit Singlet - Terracotta  |  Chloe Knit Pant - Grey


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