Our Favourite Ways To Spend Mother's Day

Our Favourite Ways To Spend Mother's Day


Mother’s Day is an important day of the year for both mothers and kids - that calls for a grand celebration. This Mother's Day will look a little different, but some amazing ways to celebrate our mum's this mothers day at home include: 


Breakfast in Bed


Almost everyone loves getting delivered breakfast in bed - so why not treat mum that way this Sunday? Our picks are a yummy Full English, or pancakes dripping with maple syrup. Don't forget the cup of tea or coffee either, they're almost as important as breakfast.


Give Her Flowers

Flowers are a beautiful, natural way to tell your mama you love her. Wether you give her a single stem, or a whole bouquet - flowers are a great way to bring the outside in while in isolation and brighten every room.


Give Her the Day Off

Tell your mum to sit back and relax this Mother's Day by taking over all the household tasks. Even if she tries to sneak around and do the dishes, tell her to get back to relaxing and watching Netflix - this is her day to do whatever she likes.

Throw A Surprise Party

If you're lucky enough to have siblings around, invite them over and surprise her with family this Mother's Day. An alternative would be to have your siblings organise to meet up on FaceTime or House Party at the same time as mum and spend a few hours catching up!


Spend a Day Together

Let's face it, there's almost nothing better than spending the day with those you love. Make a platter, cups of tea (or a bottle of champagne if you're old enough) and climb into bed with your Mum to spend the day lounging, watching movies and soaking up that quality time.

Surprise Her with a Lovely Gift

We've got a curated selection of beautiful gifts on our website that are sure to put a smile on your Mum's face. From beautiful knits, to aromatherapy, to skincare to accessories - there's something for every Mum.

Pamper Her


Set up a little 'at home spa moment' and pamper your Mum! Run her a luxurious bath with beautiful salts and oils, leave her favourite book for her to read and let her spend a few hours soaking up the goodness. When she gets out, grab your favourite skin care selection and treat her skin to some beautiful products.


What are you doing for you Mum this Mother's Day?

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