Childhood should be all about exploring the world through nature, imagination and play. The weather is starting to cool here in the southern hemisphere and we are starting to think about how we're going to spend one of our favourite seasonal celebrations, Easter. 

This seasons range is all about celebrating children and their limitless potential, their ever growing curiosity and their openness to the unexpected.

Everyday life can be filled with new adventures and roadblocks, that are invitations to try new routes and build resilience.

Through exploring the world we hope to teach children the importance of being kind and tolerant. 

Our slogan t-shirts this season reflect the Happy Vibes of inclusivity in childhood play and memories. A simple Hello can spark a whole day of play with the neighbours kid. and a simple Hug Always brings a smile that lasts a life time.

Old school playis about the conversations that happen while making and creating things together. It’s about getting to know the world inch by inch. Childhood should be all about exploring imaginary universes, celebrating seasonal festivities and running through wide open spaces.

Our colour palette and design is refined this season to a more simplistic and practical element, allowing children the freedom to explore. This first drop is all about the transeasonal layering in light jersey cotton pieces. 

Our laid back and gender neutral palette offers pieces that can be shared between boys and girls.

This is our First of three seasonal drops: 

  • PART ONE jersey range - available online now
  • PART TWO knits and hand crochet keepsake bunnies - dropping end of February
  • PART THREE seasonal knit overalls - dropping beginning of March

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Mint Rabbit Baby Suit

Peony Dress

Peony Knot Headband  |  Happy Vibes T-Shirt  |  Classic Navy Stripe Pants

Hello T-Shirt  |  Brush Stroke Pants

Classic Navy Stripe Dress

Mint Rabbit Knot Headband  |  Rabbit T-Shirt  |  Rabbit Pants

Hug Always T-Shirt  |  Mint Rabbit Pants

AW18 PART ONE  |  1. Brush Stroke Baby Suit  |  2. Rabbit Baby Suit  |  3. Classic Navy Stripe Baby Suit |  4. Mint Rabbit Baby Suit  |  5. Peony Baby Suit  |  6. Brush Stroke Pants  |  7. Rabbit Pants  |  8. Classic Navy Stripe Pants  |  9. Mint Rabbit Pants  |  10. Peony Pants  | 11. Brush Stroke Long Sleeve Top |  12. Rabbit Long Sleeve Top  |  13. Classic Navy Stripe Long Sleeve Top  |  14. Mint Rabbit Long Sleeve Top  |  15. Peony Long Sleeve Top |  16. Rabbit T-Shirt  |  17. Hello T-Shirt  |  18. Hug Always T-Shirt  |  19. Happy Vibes T-Shirt |  20. Brush Stroke Dress |  21. Classic Navy Stripe Dress  |  22. Peony Dress |  23. Grey Knot Headband  |  24. Brush Stroke Knot Headband  |  25. Brush Stroke Knot Beanie  |  26. Rabbit Knot Beanie  |  27. Peony Knot Beanie  |  28. Mint Rabbit Knot Beanie  |  29. Peony Knot Headband  |  30. Mint Rabbit Knot Headband  |  31. Brush Stroke Bib  |  32. Rabbit Bib |  33. Peony Bib  |  34. Mint Rabbit Bib  |  35. Classic Navy Stripe Headband  |  36. Brush Stroke Bonnet |  37. Peony Bonnet  |  38. Rabbit Bonnet

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