We'd like to introduce to you the newest members to our Miann & Co family.
We have a whole range of friendly faces we know your little one will love and adore. 



Nellie Narwhal is one of the most magical creatures of mythology. Unique, romantic, and resilient, Nellie Narwhal is capable of achieving great things. Narwhals typically have a calm and care-free exterior, but inside they are bursting with ideas, passion, and a drive for success. The warm nature of these animals make for the perfect companion. 


Ned Bunny is a very studious bunny. When it comes to study, he is super disciplined. Ned loves to study because
he loves to learn. Learning makes Ned one happy bunny. A new book is like a wrapped present to Ned and
he has a constant quest for knowledge.


Paddy Polar Bear is an intense and serious bear. Paddy Polar Bear is trying to make sense of his world. Being a Polar Bear, he enjoys solitary interests that require precision and skill rather than team games and hobbies.

Paddy Polar Bear values routine and structure and likes to learn by being shown the right way to do things. He is keen to research and gain knowledge on subjects in detail, often becoming an expert in all the things that he learns.


Fergus is the latest to join our growing Fox clan. Fergus prefers the arctic and he loves to play. Fergus is affectionate with those with whom he feels comfortable. Be sure to keep this little guy close for some lasting memories.


Flamboyance is usually not Felix fox's style, preferring to remain inconspicuous in choose subtlety and cunning over brute strength. He lives in a small, cozy environment and his house is usually organised and neat. As a hunter personality,  Felix fox is in good physical shape and enjoys sports that challenge his mind and body.


Oakley Owl loves to burn the midnight oil - he is one night owl. Oakley, like his sister, is wise beyond his years and will never say no to mischievous fun with his sister Olive Owl.


Sebastian Sloth is a slow mover like his relative Seth Sloth, as he to also likes to conserve his energy for all of those big adventures he will be taken on. Sebastian Sloth also has a very loving nature; but is a little bit more flamboyant with his navy and white stripe external base. Be sure to keep this little guy well rested as he makes the greatest of companions.



Sylvie Ballerina is slightly different to her other Bunny friends. Unlike her quiet bunny friends - Sylvie loves to take the centre stage and twirl and jump til her little legs allow no longer. Sylvie is the perfect little Miss for any aspiring ballerina. 


Marlo Bunny is a small, gentle bunny with a tendency towards shyness and whose instinct is to run at the first sign of danger. His extraordinarily acute senses are well-developed and always on the lookout for any impending peril. 

Marlo is astoundingly cute and relies heavily on his soft personalities and vulnerable appearance to succeed.


Parker Penguin is deceptively intelligent and is particularly animated when he is challenged. Parker excels at word games
and puzzles but is modest about his abilities and is generally underestimated by others. Parker is sure to be a friend of an animated character. 


Ahh, donuts! Walter has an unrelenting sweet tooth and a weakness for home cooking, and although Walter Walrus may seem comfortable with his roly-poly physique one shouldn't overdo the teasing. Underneath his thick skin is a surprisingly sensitive spirit. But still, it's difficult to embarrass Walter Walrus. 

When Walter is around nothing in life is taken so seriously that it cannot be laughed at. His infectious love for life contaminates everyone who has encounters with this hearty beast making him the perfect  companion for your little one . 



Who's your new favourite? 


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