Our Favourite YouTubers!

Our Favourite YouTubers!

Like you, we love to spend an afternoon getting lost in the land of YouTube. Hours spent watching tutorials and life hacks, enthused and enthralled but we’re probably not going to use a hot glue gun to make shoes or jewellery. Then there are those accounts that we turn to in hard times, that never fail to cheer us up - and we thought we’d share our favourites (in no particular order) with you!


Kaetlyn from ‘girl in calico’ lives the life we wish we could - a traditional homemaker and homesteader at heart, her videos without fail will make you feel super cosy.


In Emmy’s videos she makes, discusses and tastes food from all over the world - and is always, always super positive. 


It’s no secret that we’re massive travellers - and Iz Harris’ is one of our favourites. She and her little family produce the most wonderful, most beautiful videos about their life and travelling.


Tasha has been one of our favourites for a long time now. Living with four German Shepherds in rural Canada, her videos incase her life thrift shopping, diy-ing and living consciously.


We turn to Ellie’s videos when we’re in need of a good, vegan recipe. Her genuinely wholesome life inspires us to do better and we’re always excited when we see a new video from her in our sub box.


If you’re stuck in a creative block, or struggling to pull yourself out of a hard place then Rowena’s videos are for you. Self betterment through self care and inspiration are abundant here.


Fashion and comedy aren’t known for going hand in hand but Ashley makes it effortless. We love her laid back attitude and effortless style - she’s definitely one to watch.


I know that all of us out there have dreamed of uprooting our lives and travelling - well, Jess and Stephen of Flying The Nest actually did that, and it’s so inspiring.


Who are your favourite YouTubers?

All our love,

Miann & Co x

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