8 Beautiful Products for Pregnancy & Postpartum Care

8 Beautiful Products for Pregnancy & Postpartum Care

Pregnancy & Postpartum are two of the most delicate and special seasons of life. A time when you're adjusting to a growing body, then one healing from giving birth. A time when you're caring for a special, new life that was created by your very own body. It can be hard, and also incredibly rewarding at the same time. 

It's important to remember during this time that the care you give to your newborn should also be applied to yourself. Wether that be skipping a load of laundry in favour of getting some sleep, or lathering your skin in a nourishing moisturiser. Take some time to let yourself heal and rest. Below, you'll find 8 beautiful products to help you through this time.


• Modibodi Maternity Brief

Specially cut to sit under a growing belly, these underwear are designed for pregnancy. Comfortable, good for the environment and your body to help with any pregnancy leaks.

• Hermosa Pregnancy Soak

This is a beautiful cruelty free and vegan soak that soothes pregnancy aches and pains with a combination of magnesium, Himalayan salt and peppermint oil. Add to your back and soak away.


• Weleda Stretch Mark Massage Oil

This beautiful blend helps to prevent stretch marks, keep natural skin tone and skin resilience before and after pregnancy.

• Weleda Perineum Massage Oil

Massage this beautiful oil into the perineum area 3-4 times a week to improve skin elasticity and flexibility with the aim to reduce tearing or the need for an episiotomy.


• Hermosa Postpartum Sitz Soak

Rich with magnesium, immerse yourself in this gorgeous cruelty free & vegan blend, and take a few minutes out for yourself. Even better, this soak may help to stimulate your blood flow, fight infection, heal tears, and reduce swelling. Don't use while pregnant.

• Reusable Cotton Pads

These 100% cotton pads are a great eco alternative to regular breast pads. Soft and gentle on the skin, these are slim and discrete and fit well in a nursing bra.

• Weleda Nipple Care Cream

Highly moisturising and protective ointment that helps to prepare for breastfeeding and provides relief from cracked and sore nipples that can occur when feeding your bubba.

• BodyICE

For the perineum and breast area, these strips can be used to pre and post pregnancy for relief on bodily aches and pains. Use hot or cold.

What are your favourite products for this special time?

All our love,

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