Self Care in Challenging Times

Self Care in Challenging Times



We know how easy it is to be swept up by the ‘pandemic panic’, how easy it can be to think of only negative things, of how in a bid to remain informed and educated our 24 hour, doom and gloom media cycle can have a really harmful effect on us. It can seem like having these worries is so petty and insignificant compared to what is happening around us. Listen babe, your feelings are valid and now is the best time to indulge in some self care.

Self care is one of the best ways to ensure you’re reaching your full potential. Think of it as a holiday for your body, a hug for your soul and a rest for your mind. Tough times don’t always call for tough choices, they call for thoughtful ones as well.

  • The Skin You’re In

Wrap yourself up in your favourite clothes - this could be the most extravagant dress you own, or a gorgeous loungewear set, or a ridiculous hat. Whatever makes you feel good is what you should be wearing, just make sure it’s comfy.

  • Be Present

‘Mindfulness’ is one of our favourite forms of meditation, and it’s quite easy to practice. Instead of being swept up on the outer, it’s all about the inner. Focusing intensely on what you’re sensing and feeling. This may seem overwhelming, but it’s intensely relaxing and grounding. We typically follow along on an app like Simple Habit, or just searching mindfulness medi on YouTube. This is one of our favourites, and also this one



  • Move Yourself

Following on from mindfulness is our favourite practice, Yoga. With gyms out of action there’s no better time to start practicing at home. There are tons of helpful gurus on YouTube, and even 10 minutes a day of a little yoga could be enough to put you in a peaceful mindset. You’ll be surprised at how good a little stretching makes you feel.

  • Nourish Mind, Body & Soul

Right now, you might be wanting more than anything to dive into some junk food, and we can’t blame you. There’s nothing wrong with craving carbs or sugar, but now is also a great time to indulge in something that’s good for you as a whole. A veggie loaded soup, a casserole, a big salad. Take some time out and cook for yourself, cook with intention and cook from the soul.



How are you treating yourself right now?

All our love,

Miann & Co

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