We have put together some of our favourite pieces for Easter

Dress your little ones in these adorable bunny outfits. Pair with our new bunny bags, perfect for easter egg hunts, and a new bunny softie companion and you're set!

Enjoy our Easter edit  x

Bonnie Bunny  |  Bonnie loves to be neat & tidy. Always checking if her ears are in pristine condition, Bonnie is one for your little Neat Nick.

Patrick Pirate Bunny  |  Patrick Pirate Bunny is an explorer and adventurer. Undeterred by the stormy seas, our adventurous bunny loves to explore aplenty. Patrick strives for excellence and consistency, not perfection. This bunny makes the perfect companion for your little adventure lovers.

Ned Bunny  |  Ned Bunny is a very studious bunny. When it comes to study, he is super disciplined. Ned loves to study because he loves to learn. Learning makes Ned one happy bunny. A new book is like a wrapped present to Ned and he has a constant quest for knowledge.

Sylvie Ballerina Bunny  |  Sylvie Ballerina is slightly different to her other Bunny friends. Unlike her quiet bunny friends - Sylvie loves to take the centre stage and twirl and jump til her little legs allow no longer. Sylvie is the perfect little Miss for any aspiring ballerina. 

Billy Bunny  |  When he's not with his sister Bonnie, Billy likes to jump in puddles & get dirty. He is the perfect companion for the little one that will! not! stay! clean!

Ella Boho Bunny  |  Ella Boho Bunny doesn’t like to look too tidy or precise. Boho bunny’s effortless dressing, matches her easy-going and earthy personality. Boho Bunny is the perfect companion for a non fuss little Miss.

Belle Bunny  |  Belle Bunny is the most beautiful of friends. She is very loyal and always full of smiles and cuddles for those she loves best. Belle will become one of the family before you know it.

Bandit Bunny  |  Careful of this bandit, he will steal your heart away. Don’t let the cape fool you. “S” stands for Super – Cute and Super – Sneaky! Bandit is happy to be the one that tags along with your little one, always giving a boost of confidence.

Samuel Sailor Bunny  |  Samuel Sailor Bunny is responsible for navigating and watching while out and about on the big deep sea. Sailor Bunny is one hardworking bunny, from scrubbing decks to ship maintenance. This is one bunny you want to have as your first mate when sailing the seven seas.



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