textured layers


It's that time of year where it's time to bring out the textured winter layers. Our baby and kids collections see a range of textured being used to create that sense of warmth. Adding textured layers is a perfect way to style your little one in the cooler months


grey fur booties

Terracotta Mini Bunny Rattle  |  Grey Fur Booties

white scallop floor rug

White Scallop Floor Rug  |  Dusty Pink Stripe Knit Sleeveless Suit

cruz bunny

Cruz Bunny  |  Navy Dot Strappy Knit Skirt  |  Classic Navy Stripe Long Sleeve Top


Crochet is one of our favourite textures and was the first medium used when creating La De Dah Kids. Crochet has become a signature look for us. From rattles to toys to booties to floor rugs, it's something that we will always hold close to our hearts.

pink rib knit jumper

Dusty Pink Rib Knit Jumper

pink waffle knit hoodie

Pink Waffle Knit Hoodie  |  Classic Navy Stripe Dress  |  Dusty Pink Rib Legging

white rabbit jumper

White Rabbit Jumper Mint Rabbit Pants

moss green rib knit jumper

Moss Green Rib Knit Jumper Rabbit Pants  |  Terracotta Mini Bunny Rattle

terracotta rib knit beanie

Charcoal Waffle Knit Hoodie  |  Terracotta Rib Knit Beanie  |  Terracotta Stripe Knit Sleeveless Suit


Textured Clothing

This winter has seen out knitwear collection explore more textures than ever before. From waffle knits, to rib knits, to hand stitched details, we have loved experimenting with different textures. By mixing and matching textures, you can create a gorgeous outfit

pink fringe suede moccasin pre walkers

Grey Rib Legging  |  Pink Suede Lace Up Fringe Moccasin Pre-Walker

tan cutout pre walker

Tan Cutout T-Bar Pre-Walker  |  Classic Navy Stripe Dress


Leather and Suede

Our wide range of pre-walkers sees a mix of leather and suede options. These are super cute and are perfect for keeping little toes warm in the cooler months

terracotta rib knit beanie

Terracotta Rib Knit Beanie  |  Dusty Pink Dot Jumper  |  Grey Rib Legging  |  Pink Suede Lace Up Fringe Moccasin 

cream pom pom beanie

Cream Pom Pom Beanie  |  Dusty Pink Rib Knit Jumper Cream Rib Legging

moss green rib knit beanie

Moss Green Rib Knit Beanie  |  Charcoal Waffle Knit Hoodie  |  Rabbit T-Shirt

grey chunky knit beanie

Grey Chunky Knit Beanie  |  Rabbit Baby Suit  |  Mustard Mini Bunny Rattle


Textured Details

We love creating winter ranges due to the fact that we get to include lots of different texturesand techniques. We have done just this when designing our beanies this season. We have included three different types of beanies. These include rib knit, chunky knit and a hand knitted pom pom beanie. The perfect touch of texture to keep those ears warm.

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