The Gift Of Giving

The Gift Of Giving

This year to celebrate the holiday season we have created #12daysofmiannandco!

This wonderful promotion involves us releasing a carefully hand selected gift pack each day. This pack will be available for 24 hours and then the next day a brand new one will appear. 

Our packs make beautiful gifts and we hope we can make your Christmas shopping that little bit easier and more importantly, meaningful.

Christmas is often said to be the most magical time of the year. All the lights, spectacle and good cheer can sometimes deafen out those who need help the most.

At Miann & Co, we believe in lending a helping hand and spreading the love wherever and whenever we can. This year, $2 of every sale from our ’12 Days of Christmas’ will be donated to the Echuca Special Olympics team- a cause that is extremely close to our hearts.

They believe wholeheartedly in transforming the lives of people with disabilities through sport, competition and personal development. Through this they help to improve the lives, health, self confidence and joy of these amazing individuals. In this drought stricken time they are finding it difficult to raise funds to continue their efforts, and we’d love nothing more than to bring them further joy by contributing to their cause!

Miann & Co will be matching the amount made through the donations.

Meet the Echuca Special Olympics team!

Miann & Co

Merry Christmas everyone!

Lots of love, Miann and Co & The Echuca Special Olympics Team xxx


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