Four Sweet and Sustainable Valentines day ideas

Four Sweet and Sustainable Valentines day ideas


We all know the narrative driven by consumerism – Valentine’s Day is the holiday to spoil your loved one with expensive gifts, cards, lingerie, toys, red roses, chocolates. If you’re not extravagant in your declarations of love, you’re not doing enough, it doesn’t mean enough.

We’ve compiled a list of all the things we think are better ways to feed your love language, while also leaving a lighter impact on the environment and your wallet!


 1. Make your own cards

    For those who are more gift inclined, we think there’s nothing more precious than receiving something handmade. To know your loved one spent time on a creation just for you makes us feel all warm and snuggly. To further show appreciation, we love adding cards to our gallery/portrait walls for a piece of homemade art.

    2. Get outside, skip the presents

    For some of us, spending quality time with a loved one is all we need. Surprise the one you love by taking them to the beach, to the forest – spend some time really catching up with each other. Take a homemade picnic sans single use plastics, take a blanket and snuggle up under the stars.



    3. Cook up a storm

    Let’s be real here, the best feeling ever is coming home and someone has already fixed dinner for you. We think this is such a great way to treat a loved one, and even better, you’ll probably have leftovers for the next day if you have a cheeky little wine induced morning after headache.

    4. Treat the Earth

    Roses, who needs them? Plant a tree to symbolise the ever growing love you and your partner share. Look after your little ‘Love Fern’ together and cherish watching it flourish with you.



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