Daylesford is one of our favourite cooler weather escapes. There is something about the gorgeous, rolling green paddocks and changing colours, that has autumn in Daylesford one of our favourite local places to visit. Just over an hour from home it is a great weekend getaway to reconnect / relax and enjoy just being together. We love it as a family getaway, as a couple or as a weekend getaway with good friends. We have traced our steps over the weekend and we hope it takes you on a journey to visit somewhere local and recharge the batteries.

Friday night spent at the Farmers Arms Pub on the outskirts of Daylesford. A big hearty home-style meal is what we needed after a long day at work, and after the hours drive.

Timber tabletops and ivy covered brick walls, made me feel like I was in the English countryside.

Bustling crowds filled the old restaurant for weekly raffle night. Our boys were ecstatic about the prizes and the raffle build up, and the provided colouring books and pencils

Which kept the boys very entertained whilst we waited our meals.


Spent the morning walking around the lake after a late breakfast. Our boys loved the walk and got to chase the ducks and skim pebbles into to the lake as I sat and enjoyed the scenery.

Watching the leaves change as autumn is beginning. Those autumn hue of brown and orange were beautiful in Daylesford and were definitely a highlight.

Lunchtime took us on to the gorgeous little Village of Trentham if you haven’t visited before pop this on your must visit list. Trentham is a short 20 minute drive and a must visit from Daylesford .

A must visit for any foodie if you want the most delicious irresistible bread you have ever eaten, then Redbeard Bakery is for you. Famous for their sourdough bread and I can see why.

Our Family were huge fans of the sourdough and our kids were left asking for more. They have all different types of bread to choose from depending on your preference, from rye to fruit to classic white. If you want something sweet they do scones and jam, and chutneys too. All paired with a cup of tea or coffee.

We have already decided that we will be coming back just to have some more of their bread with butter.

Redbeard also do classes on how to make their famous sourdough bread, trust me this is on our bucket list now, and it should be on yours too.

The afternoon saw us kicking back at our house rental enjoying the afternoon sun whilst the kids kicked a soccer ball.


Sunday saw us strolling through the Sunday morning markets – which happen every Sunday by the railway station in Daylesford the market features a lot of Bric A Brac and is a must visit for any Vintage Lover.

Also high on our must visit list where the gorgeous stores of Bromely and Co (This is the place to come for art, so many beautiful curated pieces). Our second must visit was Harry and Me who also happen to be one of our Miann and Costockists. Whilst there kids section is very small it is a beautiful store with so many great Australian Designers.

In True Sunday style the afternoon is when I got to check out Peppers Mineral Day Spa. As you drive up the stone driveway, this massive old building takes your breath away. The lush greenery of the hedges frames this building and you feel instant calm.

The massage I had was magical, almost falling asleep to the sound of absolute peace and quiet. Peppers have so much more than just massages to offer. They do twilight spas, bathing by the stars. A mineral water plunge pool at a stunning 37 degrees to soothe the muscles. The ultimate tranquil retreat.





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