World Compliment Day

World Compliment Day




Our lives are so busy - full of work, family, friends and within that carving out time to make dinner, clean, go shopping, and sometimes (we're super guilty of this) you even have to make time to sleep!

We think of kindness as a necessity, which some of you may agree can get lost in the day to day. As we said above, everyone is so busy. How are you supposed to remember the little things, like smiling at the person scanning your shopping, or thanking someone with a little hand wave when they let you into traffic when you’re so preoccupied with everything else? 



This is why we think #worldcomplimentday is so important. We're taking a little time out from the rigmarole of life to treat ourselves, and others, with kindness – with the intention for this to become the norm for everyone.

Think of the time someone paid it forward and you got your coffee for free, or the time you met that super nice girl in a bar bathroom and she said you were the prettiest thing she'd ever seen.

Channel some of that energy today and tell someone they brighten your day, or you really appreciate how they always ask you if you want lunch, or you love how their positivity is so infectious that they burn bright like the sun.

Then save some of that goodness for yourself honey, you deserve it. Look at yourself in the mirror, tell yourself that you love yourself. Give yourself a compliment – give yourself multiple compliments. Start simple, like you love the colour of your eyes, you love the shine of your hair. Then get wild. Tell yourself you think your little belly looks so cute in those jeans, you love the long strip of muscle that runs right down your calf, you love the way your body sinks so perfectly into that dent in your mattress.



Start with others as a gateway to yourself. To brighten someone’s day only makes yours better. 

So start today. What are you waiting for? 


All our love, 

Miann & Co

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