Shared rooms are a great solution if you're low on space in your home. Shared rooms also build a bond between your little ones, where they can share experiences and stories. We've put together some tips below on how to design and style shared rooms.



When styling a shared room, we think it's best not to go 'matchy matchy.' Instead, link the two spaces by using a generic colour palette. We are huge fans of generic non specific gender neutral products. Here, you will see we have used our bed sheets that are both shades of blue but are in different prints. You want to link the two beds in some way, so try using one colour that does this. We have used pink in our cushions to tie the two together. We have mixed the pillowcases too, which also links the spaces together. Let your little one choose which toy they'd like to finish off the bed with or a favourite cushion that can be signature and special to them. 


Having a table of some sort between the beds is a great way to break up the space. This way, your little ones can't see each other when they need to go to sleep (trust us, this is a good idea to stop them talking into the hours of the night). It is also a great place where they can put all their treasures or their individual drink bottles. Our kids still go to bed with a drink bottle next to the bed.

Room accessories

We think a rug is a great addition to any shared room. This large jute one is the perfect piece as it links the two beds together, great for the composition of the room. It also adds an organic shape to the room. We love wall art and it definitely should be relevant to the things the kids love. We love the juju hat because it picks up the shape of the rug and adds an element of texture to the walls. However, we tend to lead more towards artwork and love any print for shared rooms. This beautiful dreamer one is a perfect choice for these two little dreamers. Again this print picks up the pink colour of the cushions and ties the room together. Always remember to stick to the initial colour palette and you can play on scale and shape with your accessories. 


Remember shared rooms don't have to look disjointed or out of place, it just about the way you style them and put your pieces together. Don't forget to choose your colours from the start and work from there. A strong colour palette ties everything together. And remember it is a kids room, so they'll want to add in their favourite things and loves into the room - this will evolve over time so neutral bases help with investment pieces. We suggest adding some storage solutions to put their belongings in so you're styling doesn't become over run by toys or random small items! 

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