Gift Pack - Dressing Gown, Brooklyn Strappy Tank & Keira Wide Leg Pants - Frost Pointelle | MIANN & CO

Gift Pack - Dressing Gown, Brooklyn Strappy Tank & Keira Wide Leg Pants - Frost Pointelle

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Miann & Co Womens - Brooklyn Strappy Pyjama Tank - Frost Pointelle (Size)
Miann & Co Womens - Keira Wide Leg Pyjama Pants - Frost Pointelle (Size)


The perfect gift for Mother's Day is sometimes something they don't know they need - our new Pointelle Pyjamas are the perfect gift! Made from 100% cotton, there's a pair for every lady in your life.

Designed in-house, our new Frost Pointelle is a beautiful take on our pointelle's from a few years ago. Featuring our signature hearts encased in pointelle dotted lines - so cute!


1 x Brooklyn Strappy Tank in Frost (As per your size selection)

1 x Keira Wide Leg Pants in Frost (As per your size selection)

1 x Dressing Gown (One size fits most)

Packaged in a gorgeous canvas branded large canvas case! These suitcases are fully lined and perfect to reuse for makeup cases, travel cubes and so much more.



Dreamy Sleepwear Set with Dressing Gown & Brooklyn Strappy Tank

As dawn breaks, a hush falls across the room where dreams softly linger.

Mother's Day dawns anew, a poignant occasion to honour the tenderness and resilience that shapes the matriarchal heart of our families. It's not merely a moment to bestow upon her the customary tokens, but rather an opportunity to envelop her in comfort and grace, qualities meritorious of her daily embrace, through the simple yet profound gift of lovingly crafted sleepwear.

Discover the Comfort of 100% Cotton

Engage in the tactile pleasure of pure cotton, epitomising the serene embrace of a good night's sleep with every weave and fibre. This natural material boasts breathability, ensuring a restful slumber without compromise.

As a fabric that venerates the skin, cotton offers hypoallergenic properties, making it an impeccable choice for sensitive skin. Its inherent softness and comfort are unparalleled, providing a gentle caress in harmony with the body’s natural movements throughout the night.

In choosing our 100% cotton sleepwear, one chooses both enduring comfort and the elegance of simplicity, a testament to quiet luxury in rest.

Breathe Easy in Natural Fabrics

The sublime comfort of natural cotton permits the skin to breathe with ease, underpinning a night of uninterrupted rest. It’s the quiet luxury that enhances the quality of your slumber.

Natural cotton advocates for thermal regulation, ensuring an equilibrium between warmth and coolness. It’s a fabric that aligns with the body's own temperature, supporting a harmonious sleep cycle.

Ninety percent of Australians prefer cotton for sleepwear, embracing its natural comfort.

Our Pointelle Pyjamas, woven from the purest cotton, champion both style and somnolence. With an in-house design aesthetic, they provide a sartorial embrace, as soothing to the touch as they are to the eye.

Long-Lasting Softness for Sleep

Esteemed comfort endures night after night.

Selecting the proper sleepwear is not merely a matter of style, but a fundamental choice for quality of sleep. The Pointelle Pyjamas are crafted with the intent to offer an exceptional balance of coziness and durability. The fabrics chosen are resilient, designed to maintain their tactile softness and soothing texture over countless evenings. Significantly, this means restorative rest is not merely a transient luxury, but a dependable nightly experience.

Softness that complements your sleep routine.

Our cotton does not merely sit against the skin - it enwraps you in perennial softness that enhances your nightly repose. The gentle caress of the material is intended to promote an environment conducive to deep, restorative sleep.

A sustainable embrace each and every evening.

The development of the Pointelle Pyjamas has been undertaken with meticulous attention to the future of fashion sustainability. Therefore, in selecting these garments, you are not only preparing for a serene night's slumber but also aligning with ethical fashion choices that are pivotal as we move through 2023. Such choices exemplify a commitment to both personal well-being and the preservation of natural resources, fostering a lasting relationship with your most cherished sleep attire.

Stylish Sleepwear Meets Functionality

The harmonious blend of aesthetic elegance and practical design in our Pointelle Pyjamas affirms that sophistication can coexist with comfort. Their utilitarian aspect is subtly concealed, yet eminently present—a reflection of thoughtful craftsmanship aimed at enhancing nocturnal tranquillity. Gracefully tailored to provide a svelte silhouette, the sleepwear set combines visually appealing detailing with an ergonomic fit to ensure unimpeded repose through the twilight hours.

Intrinsic to the allure of this sleepwear ensemble is its functionality; it transcends mere aesthetic appeal. The Brooklyn Strappy Tank and Keira Wide Leg Pants are perfectly complemented by the inclusive Dressing Gown, crafting a seamless transition from restful slumber to morning routines. This synergy of style and purpose reaffirms the set's status as an indispensable nocturnal wardrobe staple, poised to enrich the bedtime ritual of every discerning woman.

The Elegance of Frost Pointelle Design

The Frost Pointelle design exudes a distinct refinement, enhancing the appeal of our sleepwear with delicate and artful patterns. Embodying a timeless elegance, the intricate pointelle hearts symbolise care and affection, eloquently woven into each piece.

This delightful motif signifies love and comfort.

Achieving a balance between aesthetic charm and comfort, the Frost Pointelle pattern is a masterclass in textile artisanship. It showcases a meticulous attention to detail, ensuring each sleepwear piece not only looks exquisite but bestows a touch of opulence upon the wearer.

Encapsulating the essence of feminine grace, the design intricately adorns the Brooklyn Strappy Tank and Keira Wide Leg Pants, bringing forth a sophisticated visual narrative. This design choice is evocative of the brand's dedication to celebrating the unique beauty of women's sleepwear, not merely for its utility, but as an expression of personal style. With the inclusion of the Dressing Gown, the ensemble becomes a symphony of coordinated elegance.

Versatile Pieces for Night to Day

Transition seamlessly with our Pointelle Pyjamas.

Crafted for more than just nighttime comfort, these pyjamas are a paradigm of versatility. The lightweight, breathable cotton fabric, paired with the understated Frost Pointelle design, allows for an effortless transition from peaceful slumber to daytime leisure. Moreover, these pieces are imbued with the versatility to accompany you throughout your morning routine, ensuring you look and feel graceful even before the day begins.

Enjoy the comfort in every moment, day or night.

From morning coffee to evening relaxation - they are crafted not just for sleep but also for those tranquil moments at home. The Brooklyn Strappy Tank and Keira Wide Leg Pants, with their relaxed fit, make for ideal lounge attire that exudes casual sophistication without compromising on comfort.

Our design philosophy marries functionality with aesthetic finesse, presenting pieces that seamlessly fit into the modern woman's wardrobe. The thoughtful construction of the 2023 Frost Pointelle Pyjamas ensures these garments transcend conventional sleepwear boundaries, offering a stylish solution for those who appreciate refined comfort throughout their day.

Perfect Fit for All Body Types

Considering the diverse silhouettes that grace our society, our design team has diligently crafted the Frost Pointelle Pyjamas with an inclusive mindset. Each piece is meticulously created to flatter a wide range of body shapes, embracing and enhancing the natural contours of the feminine form. With an inclusive size range, these pyjamas ensure that every woman can find her perfect fit, allowing her to feel confident and at ease.

To accommodate the uniqueness of each figure, our sizing reflects a "one size fits most" approach for the Dressing Gown, coupled with carefully selected sizes for the Brooklyn Strappy Tank and Keira Wide Leg Pants. This ensures a fit that is both forgiving and flattering. Upon adorning these pieces, the wearer is immediately enveloped in a sense of bespoke tailoring. In essence, our Frost Pointelle Pyjamas are constructed with the intent to offer a sartorial embrace that celebrates every curve and edge of the female form.

Tailored Tanks and Wide-Leg Pants

Our Brooklyn Strappy Tank, a centrepiece of grace, marries comfort with an emblematic silhouette. It offers boundless versatility and serves as the linchpin to an elegant ensemble.

The fusion of function and fashion culminates in our Keira Wide Leg Pants, providing a garment that assures comfort without compromising style. Boasting a relaxed fit that drapes effortlessly over the hips, these pants encapsulate modern leisurewear with a nod to timeless sophistication. They are the quintessence of chic loungewear, allowing airiness with each stride and exuding an understated elegance.

Evidently, our wide-leg design is a deliberate choice – a testament to our knowledge of sleepwear ergonomics. This architectural form of the pants grants freedom of movement, ensuring an unhindered and restful slumber. The structured drape creates a fluid silhouette that celebrates the body's natural line.

In terms of craftsmanship, these pieces reflect an intricate attention to detail. From the delicate pointelle features to the thoughtful selection of premium cotton, our sleepwear promises an amalgamation of style and solace. This alignment with both aesthetic and functional paradigms offers a garment collection that champions comfort, without relinquishing the allure of femininity.

One-Size Dressing Gown Comfort

Embrace the luxurious simplicity of our one-size dressing gown, designed to deliver optimal comfort with an accommodating fit.

  1. Versatile Fit: The one-size paradigm deftly serves a broad spectrum of body shapes and sizes, ensuring a tailor-made feel for almost everyone.
  2. Unrestricted Movement: Our dressing gown is crafted to move with you, providing a sumptuous layer that doesn't constrain your natural motion.
  3. Effortless Elegance: Imbued with a minimalist appeal, the gown's design affords a sophisticated silhouette that is both dignified and delightful to wear.The strategic construction fosters an environment of warmth and coziness, without forsaking the paramount importance of ease.Every detail of this dressing gown has been considered to enhance the nocturnal experience, turning a simple evening at home into an elegantly comfortable affair.

More Than Just Pyjamas

Our Pointelle Pyjamas represent an ideology of holistic comfort, with a design that transcends conventional sleepwear. These pieces are a celebration of tactile pleasure and visual charm, converging in a sleepwear set that invites tranquility into your nightly ritual. Embodying an ethos that interweaves practicality with poised aesthetics, our Pointelle Pyjamas make an elegant statement, rendering them an exquisite gift that goes beyond mere functionality. Delight in the comfort and style that uplift and enrich your restful moments, a testament to the art of intricate design.

A Reusable Gift That Keeps Giving

Elegantly presented in a large, branded canvas case, these Pointelle Pyjamas extend the gift experience beyond the immediate delight of unwrapping. Not only does the sleepwear provide a luxuriously comfortable slumber, but the case itself has a multitude of potential uses.

Ideal for organising beauty essentials, the case adds a touch of sophistication to one’s vanity. Its robust design ensures longevity, making it an enduring companion.

The multifaceted case serves also as a travel cube or storage system, bringing order and elegance to your journeys and living spaces alike. Thus, the canvas case transforms from packaging to a valued accessory.

With its fully lined interior and versatile functionality, the case pairs beautifully with the sleep set to create an enduring gift. The allure of this offering lies not just in the high-quality sleepwear but also in the promise of an elegant and practical purse that lasts.

Sleepwear Set: The Perfect Pyjama Gift Set for Comfort and Style

Introducing our Sleepwear Set, the perfect pyjama gift set for women who value comfort and style. Made from 100% cotton, this sleepwear set includes a Dressing Gown, a Brooklyn Strappy Tank in Frost, and Keira Wide Leg Pants in Frost. The Frost Pointelle design, with its delicate hearts encased in pointelle dotted lines, adds a touch of elegance to this pyjama set. Packaged in a stunning canvas branded large canvas case, this sleepwear set is not only visually appealing but also versatile for reuse as a makeup case, travel cube, or storage solution. Treat yourself or a loved one to this sleepwear set and experience the perfect combination of comfort and style.

Looking for the perfect Mother's Day gift? Look no further than our exquisite Sleepwear Set. Made from high-quality materials, our sleepwear and pyjama set offers the ultimate comfort and style. This versatile loungewear collection includes a range of options, from cosy pyjamas to a luxurious dressing gown. Our sleepwear set is not only a thoughtful Mother's Day gift but also a perfect choice for anyone seeking comfort and relaxation. Treat yourself or a loved one to this beautiful sleepwear set and experience the joy of unwinding in style.


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