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Cosy and comfort meet in our Zoe Cable Knit Jumper. With a new cable design, you'll love this piece for how warm, comfy and timeless it is. Effortlessly and easy to style, this will be a favourite for years to come.


Taupe is our new season favourite - a gorgeous brown with a soft purple undertone that looks so cute on everyone.



• Ribbed finish on cuffs, hem & neckline

• Cable knit detailing throughout

• Regular length through the body



 Easy, true to size fit

• Full length through the body



Best Cable Knit Jumper Styles for Winter Warmth

As winter approaches, the quest for cosy warmth becomes paramount.

Finding the perfect cable knit jumper is not just about embracing the cooler months; it's a style statement. A well-chosen piece, crafted from quality natural fibres, can provide unparalleled warmth and comfort. To add, there's nothing quite like the tactile pleasure of wearing a garment with a rich, textural knit that speaks of classic elegance and enduring style.

Classic Cable Knit Essentials

The cable knit jumper, a quintessential element of winter wardrobes, exudes a timeless charm and underlines a commitment to sartorial elegance. Such pieces not only embrace the body with warmth but also convey an air of refined sophistication. The intertwining cable patterns serve as a testament to the meticulous craftsmanship, elevating the silhouette of a classic winter garment into a statement of artisanal quality.

To indulge in a truly luxurious experience, consider a cable knit jumper constructed from merino wool or cashmere—natural fibres renowned for their exceptional insulation and breathability. A meticulously designed cable knit embodies a perfect harmony between form and function, offering both visual appeal and practical utility. Its versatility allows it to be the focal point of an ensemble or to be layered under outerwear without compromising style or comfort. A staple for those who place a premium on quality and timeless design, a cable knit jumper is an indispensable addition to any discerning winter wardrobe.

The Timeless Crew Neck

The crew neck jumper, an epitome of classic chic, harmonises comfort with sophistication, transcending fleeting fashion trends.

Crew neck jumpers were the uniform of choice for rowers, providing unrestricted movement and practical warmth.

Its modest neckline frames the face and complements various body shapes gracefully, further often paired with layers for versatile sartorial expressions.

The quintessential cable knit texture coupled with the crew neck design presents an air of collegiate poise, making it a quintessential piece for understated elegance.

Turtleneck: The Warmth Embrace

Amid cooler climates, the turtleneck jumper stands as a bastion against the biting chill, offering a stylish fortress of warmth.

With its high, folding neckline that embraces the throat, the turtleneck acts as both a fashionable staple and a practical feature, insulating and protecting one's neck from the cold winds. This design detail ensures the delicate neck area is safeguarded against the elements, offering a sense of security and comfort to those who wear it. A turtleneck cable knit jumper is especially adept at retaining warmth, effectively marrying form and function in an elegant silhouette.

Historically, turtlenecks have been the attire of intellectuals and artists, exuding a refined aesthetic appeal. They epitomize the balance between practical winter attire and sophisticated fashion statement, making them an indispensable element of the elegant winter wardrobe. The ribbed texture of the cable knit pattern adds a dimensional interest, amplifying the aesthetic charm of the garment.

Further, when selecting a turtleneck cable knit jumper, consideration of fibre content is paramount. Natural fibres such as wool, cashmere, and cotton provide excellent thermal regulation while maintaining breathability. These materials assure a gentle touch against the skin, reducing the likelihood of irritation. A well-crafted turtleneck jumper constructed from quality fibres not only serves as a protective layer but also as a testament to discerning sartorial choices that stand the test of time, illustrating the confluence of comfort and luxury in winter fashion.

Chunky Cardigans: Layering Mastery

Embrace the decadence of texture and warmth.

The chunky cardigan emerges as the quintessential layering piece. Its voluminous knit texture brings both visual and tactile richness to any ensemble, offering the wearer a plethora of styling options. Predominantly constructed of natural fibres like wool or alpaca, it acts as a dynamic shield against brisk winter chills. Consequently, it stands as the apex of essential winter garments, exquisitely combining form with function.

Layering is an art form with the chunky cardigan.

Such pieces exude an understated opulence—a sartorial hug that envelops.

When you don the chunky cardigan, you carry a sense of home. For many, it becomes a cherished staple of the cooler months - a beloved garment that doesn't compromise on style for the sake of comfort. It epitomizes the harmonious blend of utility and fashion-forward sensibility, embodying contemporary layering practices which can be adapted to suit a range of personal aesthetics and occasions.

The chunky cardigan is your canvas of self-expression and practicality. When integrated thoughtfully with natural women's clothing, these cardigans transform the act of dressing for the cold into an expression of individuality. With the onset of winter 2023, we witness a resurgence of these time-honoured knits, pushing the boundaries of conventional winter attire. They present a versatile option for those seeking to invigorate their seasonal ensembles with both functional warmth and sophisticated textural interplay.

Modern Cable Knit Innovations

The aesthetic milieu of cable knit jumpers has been invigorated by contemporary innovations that fuse time-honoured techniques with modern design ethos. The latest incarnations feature streamlined silhouettes, offering a refined take on the classic bulky structure, without forsaking the intrinsic warmth. Designers are exploring a variety of yarns, including sustainable and organic fibres, which not only adhere to environmentally conscious principles but also contribute to an enhanced tactile experience. The integration of advanced technologies in knitting allows for intricate cable patterns that were once unattainable, resulting in pieces that are both sophisticated and rich in detail, perfect for the discerning individual looking to elevate their winter wardrobe.

Asymmetry in Cable Patterns

Assymetrical cable patterns create a dynamic visual intrigue, breaking from the traditional uniformity that often defines cable knitwear. This departure emphasises individuality and couture-like complexity within the design.

Designers are now embracing irregular cable arrangements, which bestow a sense of modernity and flair onto time-honoured styles. The results are striking and unique.

These contemporary interpretations are manifested through shifting cable widths and lengths, frequent interruptions, or juxtapositions of different knitted textures. This approach contributes to a distinctly modern aesthetic, with each piece telling its own story of craft and innovation.

Incorporating asymmetrical cable patterns into winter garments allows for a convergence of warmth and fashion-forward thinking. It's an embrace of the unpredictable and a nod to personalisation in design, elevating a conventional jumper to a signature piece of one's winter collection. In this context, asymmetry goes beyond a mere trend to become a reflection of individualistic style and a testament to the evolving landscape of contemporary knitwear crafting.

Incorporating Colour Blocks

Introducing colour blocks adds a dynamic and contemporary twist to classic cable knit jumpers. It infuses a playful zest into winter wardrobes, enlivening the traditional jumper landscape.

Indeed, this season's palette crosses over into expansive territories, from subdued and earthy tones to vivacious and bold hues, establishing a broad spectrum for personal expression. Each hue maintains its own integrity whilst inviting unexpected colour pairings. Interesting combinations can reveal an individual's unique sense of style and create a visual dialogue - a communication through colours and patterns. The juxtaposition of different hues with textured cables adds dimension and a striking point of contrast to the garment.

Colour blocking within cable knit jumpers creates a form of visual storytelling that relates directly to personality. By choosing hues that reflect mood, mentality, or identity, one’s jumper becomes more than just a cosy envelope—it transforms into an expressive item that speaks volumes about the wearer and their relationship with fashion.

For the discerning consumer looking toward incorporating this trend into their ensemble, the choice of a colour-blocked cable knit jumper becomes a deliberate aesthetic statement, elevating the piece beyond pure functionality. It is the conscientious blending of warmth and style that these jumpers represent, offering both sartorial elegance and the tactile comfort demanded during the colder months. With colour blocks, cable knits seize upon the opportunity to fuse tradition with a fresh, contemporary perspective.

Zippered and Hooded Variations

Incorporating zippers imbues traditional cable knit jumpers with modern functionality, offering a dynamic variable in stylistic versatility. Contemporary designs integrate the practical allure of both zippered fronts and detachable hoods, highlighting a multifaceted, practical approach to winter attire.

Zippers add a structural edge to any piece, enhancing accessibility and wearability.

Moreover, hooded cable knits evoke urban appeal, coupling comfort with an understated sartorial savvy (compatible with diverse fashion sensibilities and settings).

Cable knit patterns paired with zipped closures create a harmonious interplay, facilitating an adjustable degree of warmth, thereby accommodating fluctuating winter temperatures.

In terms of hooded variations, they lend a casual yet sophisticated touch to the classic cable knit, allowing for flexibility in style without compromising on the essential warmth necessary during winter months.

Detachable elements offer an innovative method to modulate the garment's warmth and style, providing adaptability to meet the unpredictability of contemporary life and weather patterns.

Ultimately, these variations heed the modern consumer's call for multifunctional fashion. Advanced textiles enhance the structural integrity of these designs, assuring comfort and longevity for those who prize quality craftsmanship.

Choosing The Right Material

When selecting a cable knit jumper, the fibre composition merits meticulous consideration, as it largely governs warmth retention and breathability. Premium natural fibres, like merino wool or cashmere, offer unparalleled insulation while maintaining a delicate balance between warmth and ventilation, ensuring comfort throughout the day.

To evaluate the optimal choice in terms of material, one must consider the "thermal profile" of the yarn. Wool is renowned for its excellent insulating properties, whilst cotton provides a more moderate level of warmth, suitable for less severe climates. Furthermore, alpaca and mohair blends can enhance the thermal efficiency of the garment. In every case, the composition of the yarn directly influences the jumper's ability to retain heat and regulate body temperature in the chilling winter months.

Wool Blends: Comfort and Warmth

The synthesis of wool with other fibres amplifies the thermal benefits of cable knit jumpers, creating an adaptive response to diverse winter climates. Advanced textiles, through a curated blend of materials, strike a balance between robust warmth and wearer comfort, prompting a discernibly luxurious tactile experience against the skin.

Combined yarns manifest enhanced durability, rendering wool blends adept at withstanding the rigours of daily wear. These innovative amalgamations also confer increased resistance to pilling—a common impediment in knitwear maintenance.

Notably, wool blends amplify the intrinsic properties of wool, such as moisture-wicking capabilities, thereby ensuring a consistently dry and warm microclimate. These scientifically developed fibres (often integrating synthetic polymers or regenerated cellulose) contribute to an optimised garment performance.

The inclusion of other fibres also reduces the propensity for wool's characteristic itchiness, making it more approachable for individuals with sensitive skin. Consequently, this makes wool blend cable knit jumpers a quintessential wardrobe staple, harmonising the need for comfort and enduring warming properties.

Crafted with meticulous precision, these blends manifest resilience against the elements while maintaining breathability and structural integrity. Blends like merino with silk or cashmere with nylon bring a superior wear experience that confidently navigates through the cold season with pronounced elegance and assurance.

Ultimately, when one selects a wool blend cable knit jumper, they invest in a piece that embodies the epitome of sartorial function and finesse. With these hybrid fabrics, one can gracefully transition through the cooler months, poised within the embrace of tailored warmth and alluring comfort.

Cotton Cables: Lighter Alternatives

Cotton cable knit jumpers present a breathable yet warm solution for cooler seasons.

  1. Classic Crew Neck: Universally flattering, it pairs well with layered autumn looks.
  2. V-Neck Variations: Ideal for showcasing collared shirts or accessorising with statement jewellery.
  3. Oversized Options: Offer a relaxed fit for casual comfort without compromising on style.
  4. Turtleneck Designs: Provide extra warmth around the neck, doubling as a chic silhouette.
  5. Open Weave Patterns: Feature a looser knit for airflow, perfect for transitional weather.Embrace versatility with these adaptable styles suitable for various temperatures.

Lightweight cotton cables ensure warmth without the bulk, adding a sophisticated touch to winter wardrobes.

Synthetic Fibres: Vegan Options

Vegan-friendly cable knit jumpers offer warmth without compromising on animal welfare.

  • Acrylic Blends: Mimic the softness and warmth of wool while being lightweight.
  • Polyester Fleece: Provides enhanced warmth and durability in colder climates.
  • Nylon Infusions: Lend strength and resilience to garments, extending their lifespan.
  • Modal Compositions: Offer a silky texture with excellent moisture-wicking properties.
  • Recycled Polyesters: Advocate for environmental stewardship and sustainable fashion choices.

These synthetic alternatives are not only cruelty-free but also cater to a range of aesthetic preferences.

Their resistance to moisture and insulation properties make them ideal for bracing the winter chill.

Styling Your Cable Knit

A cable knit jumper epitomises the quintessential winter garment, seamlessly blending comfort with sartorial elegance. Defined by its intricate, three-dimensional patterns, it is a staple in the discerning woman’s cold-weather repertoire.

When layering, a cable knit provides texture and visual interest—pair it with a collared shirt for a professional look or a turtleneck for an added layer of warmth. Its versatility permits it to be worn with tailored trousers or a flowing skirt, adapting easily to a variety of occasions and personal styles.

Opt for neutral tones or rich, earthy hues to facilitate effortless integration into your existing wardrobe, ensuring your cable knit jumper remains a timeless and cherished piece.

Dressing Up With Accessories

Adding the right accessories can elevate the charm of a cable knit jumper, creating a harmonious and polished look.

  • Bold metal cuffs amplify the snug appeal of knitwear
  • Chunky necklaces can break the monotony of solid colours
  • Wide-brimmed hats add a touch of bohemian grace
  • Patterned scarves enhance texture and provide additional warmth
  • Leather belts cinch the waist for a refined silhouette

The key lies in choosing accessories that complement, rather than overwhelm, the intricate patterns of the cable knit.

Select accessories with a touch of delicacy to juxtapose the robustness of the knit, imbuing elegance into your winter ensemble.

Pairing With Bottoms

A cable knit jumper finds its sartorial match with classic denim jeans, underscoring casual chic.

When styled with cigarette pants, a cable knit imbues sophistication, suitable for both office and leisurely pursuits.

High-waisted skirts, particularly A-line or pencil varieties, create an iconic ensemble when paired with a tucked-in cable knit jumper.

For a more relaxed silhouette, consider wide-legged trousers or culottes that balance the jumper's texture with fluidity in form.

Elevate your outfit by pairing your jumper with leather leggings, achieving an edgy yet sophisticated aesthetic suitable for cooler climes.

Outerwear Combinations

A pristine overcoat layered atop a cable knit jumper exudes timeless grace, perfectly framing the structured pattern.

To navigate the biting chill, a quilted parka can envelop the voluminous shape of a cable knit, providing form and function without forgoing fashion.

Integrating a fitted blazer with a cable knit jumper infuses professionalism into your winter wardrobe, merging comfort with corporate flair effortlessly.

Conversely, pairing the jumper with a trench coat offers a classic visual harmony; the juxtaposition of knit textures against smooth gabardine is eternally stylish.

For a contemporary twist, drape a cropped puffer jacket over your cable knit, introducing a modern silhouette that retains the traditional charm.

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• 100% cotton yarn

• Variations my occur slightly from jumper to jumper

• May stretch with wear due to nature of knit

• Returns to size after wash

• Hand wash recommended

• Cold, gentle machine wash with like colours

• Do not rub, soak or wring

• Do not bleach

• Flat dry in shade, cool iron

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