We have had an exciting year at La de dah kids this year and much of it is thanks to the continued support of all our loyal customers so firstly THANKYOU X

If you follow us on instagram @ladedahkids you will have seen that we took La de dah kids to Paris (a huge pinch yourself moment).

It has been on our to do list and we where incredibly grateful for the opportunity thanks Playtime Paris for having us.

We did drag our two children and my very generous Mother along for the ride. And would like to share some of our loves and travel tips.

We are no experts on Paris but it has been a place that we did frequently visit  when we lived in London. This was our first trip with Kids and to see Paris through their eyes was something else.

 Paris is both adults and Kids foodie heaven. The main diet and breakfast every morning was chocolate Croissant. We would spend every morning and afternoon checking out the various Patisseries and what was on offer everything from the most divine quiche, to chocolate everything!!!

Bread is served straight from the oven often met with great lines in the afternoon for there afternoon breadsticks. Bread is served with everything. The food and wine (for the parents was definitely a highlight).

Some of our tourist highlights with the kids were:

  • Effiel tower – This is one of our favorite places to picnic whilst in Paris. It was one of our favourite things to do as a couple and it was great to do with the kids. There is so much lawn area to sit down escape some of the crowds and enjoy the view. This is a must do whilst in Paris.
  • Arch de Triomphe – The boys loved this and admiitely it was boy heaven. All the cars in one chaotic organised mess zipping around the arch had the boys fascinated. We then strolled along the Champ Elysee where the boys got to pick a swatch watch which they are still talking about
  • Montmartre / Sacré-Cœur. The Sacré-Cœur sits atop the summit of Montmartre, at the highest point in Paris. There is the most gorgeous carousel a must do with kids. The carousel is situated  at the foot of the Hill . The climb to the top of the hill is also one not to be missed. It helps burn off some of the many Paris baked goods that you consume. At the top Montmartre is filled with artist and street performers . 
  • Paris Disney land is a fun day out with the kids .To be honest as a day trip it was also great to visit. It really was a magical day finished with the most spectacular fire works. A must for any trip to Paris for the Kids or the Kids at heart .

Paris is a city that has my heart and always will. It is glamour, beauty and culture around every corner. It was an amazing trip for our family and one that had us wanting more adventures xx

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