7am - Overfilled with excitement and the smell of freshly baked bread, Billy Bunny awakes and hops to his feet. There is no better place than Paris to enjoy freshly baked Baguettes and croissants in the sunshine. Billy is overwhelmed and cannot wait to start his first day in Paris.

8am - Billy finds himself bouncing around the room with anticipation as he finds out he will be enjoying all of the specialities that Paris has to offer for Breakfast. This morning’s choice is Fresh Croissants and Strawberry jam bought from a local nearby Patisserie.

9am - Just as young Billy Bunny thought things could not get any better he is joined by a new friend, Amelie who will be showing him the sights of Paris and teach him all about the French culture and food. Billy’s ears are now tingling as they always do when he gets overexcited. Time to finish his french breakfast and the most delicious freshly squeezed orange juice .

10am - Billy and Amelie hit the cobbled streets and laneways scattered all over Paris. Billy is hopping from side to side across the cobbled path and his little Paws have to work very hard to keep up with Amelie’s long stride. Billy is having so much fun that he feels energised and feels like he can keep going all day, just taking in every moment. Billy does not want this day to end.

12pm - It is now midday and Amelie decides that they need to get on a train as her legs are getting tired and they still have so much to see and do. Amelie shows Billy how to buy the tickets and off they go to yet another part of Paris to see what they can find.

2pm -Both Amelie and Billy feel the need to take a break. Paris is so beautiful and all the excitement is absolutely overwhelming. They head back to the apartment for a rest and hangout with each other like good friends do. Billy loves cuddles and Amelie gives the best cuddles.

3pm - After a quick rest it is time to go and see what else they can go and explore. Amelie tells Billy about a big metal tower called the Eifel Tower. Billy has never seen such a big tower and he could not wait to climb to the top and see Paris from the tower. Apparently the sights are amazing!

5pm - After they climbed the tower Billy and Amelie sit down to a story about Paris and Amelie reflects on a great day she has had with her favourite new Bunny friend. She really enjoyed showing him around Paris and sharing everything she knew about this wonderful city she lives in.

8pm - At 8pm both Billy and Amelie are tucked up in bed like good girls and Bunnies should be. They are very tired and ready for a good nights sleep after a busy fun filled day. We cannot wait to do it all again tomorrow

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