100k is worthy of a full blog post. We are incredibly grateful for each and everyone that has followed along on our small business journey.

We could not be more excited and to be honest with out all of you and your ongoing support we would not have a business so thank you, thank you .

This morning when we clocked over the much anticipated 100k mark there is so much to look back on and so many achievements that we are proud of and would like to hit pause and really embrace it – something we don’t do nearly enough of .

We are still small and for anyone that didn’t know we are a husband and wife team with now 3 amazing full time staff and one casual staff member. We are small in numbers but big in talent and impact. We are so incredibly proud of our team they are all shakers and movers and to be honest are the nuts and bolts our business. We work with incredible freelancers that make our crazy ideas reality and we really cannot wait for the next chapters.

Whilst the landscape of retail is constantly changing so are we. We have some big ideas in the pipeline and next week we cannot wait to share our 100 k milestones with each and everyone of you. Join our mailing list to be the first in the know as we have a special 100k party planned and we are sharing it with all of you.

We hope we can inspire anyone and everyone that if you follow your dreams and back it with a heck of lot of blood sweat and tears anything is possible.

Stay tuned for some more celebrations next week we have some exciting

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