We have recently had the pleasure of working with and interviewing Rachel from @its.rachelanne, loving mother of two. Asher recently celebrated his first birthday, rocking his Miann & Co outfit. Check out her story below...

Tell us about your Family...
My husband, children and I live on a humble farm in the sweet southern state of Georgia. We wouldn't consider ourselves "farmers", but we have high hopes of someday growing our own food and raising our own cattle.

What has motherhood taught you?
I think that above all, motherhood has taught me patience. Being patient with my children, but mostly with myself. It's easy to extend love and patience with others, but I feel like mothers have a certain way of picking themselves apart, especially when it comes to comparing oneself with other mamas or parenting styles. It is good to have a high standard, but I think motherhood has taught me to give myself more grace when it comes to being a "perfect" parent (is there such a thing, anyways?).

What are some of your top tips for organising a family household?
I actually enjoy cleaning, but the bane of my existence is definitely folding laundry and putting it away. My husband doesn't mind folding and putting laundry away, so I generally ask for his help. A lot of times, we delegate different things to each other according to our strengths and weaknesses. For instance, he loves putting the children to bed, so he is often times in charge of bed time; whereas I love cooking, so I will set the family dinner table and make feasts that fill all those hungry tummies.

Favourite place to hangout as a family?
After dinner, we head to the family room and read books together. Something so simplistic and genuinely "homey" about gathering around the family room and sprawling out on an old quilt to delve into some good books. 

Family holidays make so many find memories. Do you have a favourite place your visit with your family? Tell us about it...
Family traditions are so incredibly important to my little family. During the holidays, we go over to my in-laws house. Weather permitting, we go to a park and swing the babies and catch up on life. The sentiment my husband and I feel toward his childhood home and his sweet family, mingled with new memories, the holidays are always something we look forward to.

Walk us through a typical day with your crew. Do you have one parenting gem you have discovered that you could share?
Harvest rolls out of bed around a quarter to eight every morning and comes to my room to snuggle with me while daddy finishes getting ready for work. We whisper secrets and giggle as daddy asks what we are talking about. He fishes the baby out of his crib and we all cuddle for a minute and then Caleb is off to work. The children and I eat breakfast and then run errands or go to the park until lunch time. After lunch, I tuck the littles into their beds and start putting together dinner. They wake back up at three, and we play until daddy gets home for dinner. After dinner, we get to all just enjoy each other's company and then it's bed time. Not really any parenting gems, just learning to enjoy the day-to-day mundaneness that is parenting life!

How do you celebrate special days like birthdays, Christmas, etc.?
Growing up, birthdays and holidays were very highly celebrated in my family, but in my husband's family, they didn't make big deals out of special days. So now when those occasions roll through, we have to compromise between crazy celebration and doing nothing, which generally looks like something just perfectly in between. Sometimes a cake and a few friends for the children's birthdays, and sometimes a friend over for the holidays!

What is your all time favourite bedtime story to read to the kids?
Harvest absolutely adores any stories with lambs in them, so we pull out any of her books that involve a lamb, and she is happy with it.

Tell us about your favourite Miann & Co piece and why?
My all-time favourite Miann & Co piece is hands down the mustard knit cardigan. Asher looks like a little man, and the cardigan goes with every other piece of clothing he has. It is such a rich color and everybody compliments how adorable he looks, and I cannot help but agree.


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