Harvest Moon

Harvest Moon







It’s that elusive time of year when the weather is mild, but there’s a chill to the air that covers your skin in goose pimples, the rain missing in the summer has returned and in small pockets of Australia, high up in the mountains, the barest dusting of snow has begun to fall.






That time of year when you can feel like call of winter. An old, aching echo that settles in the bones, draws you closer to those heavier jumpers hiding in the back of your wardrobe. You find yourself dusting off the book of family recipes, searching for something hearty and warming. Easter is around the corner, and you’ve forgone the iced coffees for something kinder to the soul that warms your fingers as they swaddle the mug.



This shifting of seasons means a change of momentums. Slower weekends, languid lunches, staying that little bit longer in bed. This time of year calls for more layers, a shift towards your winter wardrobe and all the goodness that’s been hidden for the past six months.






Our newest range Harvest Moonderives it's name from this time of year, the last full moon before the Autumn Equinox, a time when farmers harvest their crops. This range features timeless transitional pieces – leggings, jumpers (featuring an old friend, the Rainbow Jumper) bodysuits, and a wide array of new season beanies to warm little heads. Mama and Mini can also have a matching moment this season with our Coco Bunny Jumper – an office favourite.








We’re so excited for this time of year (no, not just because this is what we call ‘chocolate season’), and we’re so ready to hunker down for a long, wintery hibernation. We hope you are too!

All our love, 

Miann & Co

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