Miann & Co Easter Gift Guide 2020

Miann & Co Easter Gift Guide 2020




It’s that time again, our favourite time - our kids affectionately call it ‘Chocolate Day’ and honestly who could blame them? The seasons are changing; slowly fading into Autumn for us in the Southern Hemisphere with deep burnt hues of gold and amber, we’re feeling the bubbling desire to start hunkering down for the cold months ahead - the desire to sit down with a hot cup of tea or coffee and an Easter Egg is almost overwhelming.


With only 19 days left until Easter and for those not so chocolate inclined, who prefer the memories of family and good food and the lazy, cosy vibe that the Easter long weekend brings - we’ve compiled a list of our Easter favourites. From Mum to Bub there’s a present for almost every member of the family. 






Play - Our soft toys are iconically Miann & Co, it’s what we started with! Being bunny lovers ourselves, we can’t help but release a new family of them this time every year. This Easter we have the triplets; Nova, Micah & Juniper and their friend Princess Carmella. For little hands and nimble fingers, our new range of 100% cotton rattles will keep your bub entertained. Friends for the whole family and such a great distraction from social distancing or lockdown with hours of imaginative play for your little one.

Wear - Our new-season print Coco Bunny has been a hit in the office! This gorgeous print was designed in-house and spans a range of basics, jumpers and pants. For the cutest matching moment our Coco Bunny Jumper comes in babies, kids and womens! In natural fibres, this piece is sure to be a hit. For your baby’s first Easter, we’ve also created three gorgeous Baby Packs to take the pressure off - these packs are a great option for new mums and family members who can’t be there this Easter.




Care - Slightly unconventional for an Easter present, but with everything going on in the world at the moment one of the most important things right now is to take care of yourself and your loved ones. Spend a day luxuriating in our self care beauties from Willelaine, Salt by Hendrix and The Hermosa Co. Our picks are The Hermosa Co Body Polish for the softest skin, the Willelaine ‘Focus’ Roll-On because we are obsessed with it’s peppermint scent and the Salt by Hendrix Cleanse Rose Soak for the best bath of your life.

Wear - To match with your bubs, we have our new favourite Coco Bunny Jumper. Super snuggly, cosy and warm. Pair it with our Chloe Knit Pants for the comfiest loungewear moment, which is exactly what we’re all looking for right now. These are such great staple pieces for your wardrobe, and super nice to pair back with a cute pair of sneaks and a long jacket if you need to pop out whilst keeping in the Easter festive spirit. 



And throw some chocolate in there too if you’re that way inclined (we’re fans of the traditional Cadbury egg)! What’s your favourite thing about Easter, do you celebrate?

All our love,

Miann & Co x

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