How To Make The Most Of Your Morning

How To Make The Most Of Your Morning






Mornings for me are sacred.


They’re the time put aside for me, and only me. I’m a creature of habit, I’m a ritualistic creature that thrives in routine and if I don’t get my morning, my proper, ritualistic morning, my entire day is thrown out. Now, I know this isn’t convenient for everyone. Some of us have kids, family, work night shift and other commitments and such an indulgent morning routine isn’t the reality for all. Here are some of our favourite things to do in the morning, that maybe you can adapt into your own routine. 


  • Waking Up Early

My mother always told me that she woke up extra early to have a little alone time. She would apply her makeup, eat breakfast and have a cup of tea all within an hour before her kids woke up. She told me it was imperative for her to have this time alone so she could better care for us, by in turn taking care of herself. She passed this knowledge onto me, and it’s something I now incorporate into my daily routine.

  • Energy Cleansing

Smoke cleansing has been around for thousands of years, and is one of the most important parts of my morning. Burning herbs like sage and rosemary or plants like eucalyptus and lavender can really help set the tone for a great day. If you’ve never smoke cleansed before, you’ll be amazed at how grounded, at peace and how calm you feel after burning.

  • Kickstart Your Day

We all know the old celebrity trick of drinking lemon water in the morning. Maybe it’s a gimmick or a placebo, but I do think it has its benefits. Typically it’s marketed as a metabolism kickstarter, but I find it more invigorating. You’re hydrating, getting a boost of vitamin c and I think it’s had a positive effect on my skin. I also like swapping it out for a green tea, or oat milk latte. Either way, I love starting my day with a hot drink.







  • Ground Your Mind & Body

I don’t always have the time to do it, but when and where I can, I love fitting in a quick 10 minute meditation or yoga practice. They’re both super grounding practices that calm the mind, and get the body and blood moving. When I have the time, I look for a beginners medi or yoga video on YouTube and get to centering my energy.

  • Nourishment

Most important in the morning, is giving something nourishing to your body. This could be a full meal, some fruit, a smoothie or even a slice of toast. Getting some food into your body early in the morning gives you a boost of energy to get you through to lunch, and truly sets the tone for the rest of your day.






What do your mornings look like? What morning routine do you follow?

All our love,

Miann & Co x

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