MIANN MOTHERS SERIES | Lovely Elle from @allherflowers

MIANN MOTHERS SERIES | Lovely Elle from @allherflowers

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Elle is a beautiful mama to three gorgeous daughters. I recently had the opportunity to ask Elle a few questions about motherhood and what she loves most about raising three daughters in country Australia. Thanks for chatting Elle x


What’s the best thing about being a mum?

Their hugs... Their smiles... The constant chatter... That I will forever and always be their home.

What has surprised you most about being a mum? 

How you can love someone you’ve never met with all your heart and how that love continues to grow and flourish as they do.

How do your girls inspire you daily? 

Their smiles, the way they look at life, their never ending questions.... It all makes me stop and look at how I can be a better mother and person. I truly believe children teach us more than we will ever be able to teach them. They inspire me to search deeper, love harder, not sweat the small stuff and to look for the joy in the mundane....

What are your biggest challenges of motherhood? 

Learning to let go.... Of perfection, of ideals, of materialism, of going to the toilet on my own 🙈 It took me a long time to accept there are more important things in life and embrace the chaos that is raising children but I’m forever grateful that I did...

What do you love most about raising three daughter in county Australia?

Raising children in country Australia has taught me just how important community is. My children and family are loved and cherished by so many, they smile with us, cry with us, pick us up when we fall and allow us to do the same in return. I hope living here has taught my girls to find and grow their own community wherever life takes them.

What about being a mum did you learn from your mum?

That there is beauty in chaos and perfection in imperfection. My dishes and laundry will always be there but time with my girls while they are young is fleeting. 

What’s your favourite meal to cook your little ones?

Definitely dinner, we eat dinner as a family every night and it’s our time to debrief, to laugh about our day, to help young minds navigate the emotions of school life and to enjoy one another as a family. I love hearing their tales as I watch them filling their bellies with a nutritious meal I’ve prepared for them.

How will you be spending this mothers day?

With my mum! It’s her birthday two days later so hopefully we can spoil her because she deserves it!

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