MIANN MOTHERS SERIES | Gorgeous Gemma Peanut

MIANN MOTHERS SERIES | Gorgeous Gemma Peanut

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As part of our Miann Mothers Series, I had the absolute pleasure in interviewing the gorgeous Gemma Peanut. Gemma is mama of her beautiful daughter, Raffa. Gemma gives us an insight into her life as a mother, including how she goes travelling with her little one, and how Raffa has changed her world. Thanks Gem x

What’s the best thing about being a mum?

Seeing the world through a completely different lens. The lens of a 3 month old, a 6 month, a 9 month old and so on. It’s ever changing and having the opportunity to discover the simple things in life all over again has been a dream. I also adore feeling like I have a purpose that is outside of myself. I’ve spent so much of my life focusing inwardly on myself that I’m relishing being completely selfless and just giving less f**ks about everything, because as a mum, you’ve got much more important things to focus your energy on; raising a human, a good human, in this world.

What has surprised you most about being a mum?

I’d say there are both positive and negative surprises. As a positive, I had no idea that I was capable of such patience! Haha. I was worried I wouldn’t have the patience required for my new gig as a mum but it turns out you do! As for the curly surprises, I’d say that there’s a definite shift in the dynamic of my marriage. It’s not a bad thing, it’s just that it’s different in that we now have to tag team EVERYTHING. I sometimes miss the simple days where we could enjoy doing things together as a couple. Simple things like going for a swim together. One of us always has to stay beach-side with Raffa. So now we realise the importance of carving out time for us and our marriage to keep us feeling connected. And even though our relationship has strengthened since having a baby, I still have pangs of missing my Hubs, so that certainly caught me off guard.

How does Raffa inspire you daily?

Her get up and go and zest for life. I feed off her energy (even though I feel like a corpse a lot of the time). Raffa also inspires me to be more present. She demands it from me. She lives whole heartedly in the moment. Not for the past, not for the future. She doesn’t give a crap about what she did last week or what’s ahead next week, she lives totally in the now. It’s a beautiful reminder to keep me anchored to what’s happening in the present.

What are you biggest challenges of motherhood?

Finding my rhythm and flow. The mum juggle/struggle is a real thing! But I’m realising that attempting to achieve balance as a working mum is impossible. Babies are ever evolving and ever changing and you will never keep up so I’m learning to adopt a more “just roll with it” attitude!

How do you go travelling with a little one?

I love it! I do think you have to go into travelling with a baby with the mindset that everything is going to take longer and that your luggage load will quadruple in size! But ultimately, it’s all worth the effort. There’s something so special about seeing the world through your little one’s eyes. Once you overcome the jet lag and logistics hurdle, it’s pure joy!

What’s at the top of your packing list when travelling with your little one?

Travel pram! Can’t live without my Baby Zen Yoyo stroller. Ours has come with us to Bangkok, London and Tokyo and is still going strong!

What about being a mum did you learn from your mum?

Oh gosh, oh so much! If I’m half the mother my mum is, I’d be stoked. My mum has been the most incredible influence in my life. She approached motherhood with such ease and grace. The biggest thing I’ve learnt from her is that she never sweats the small stuff.

What’s your favourite meal to cook your little one?

Admittedly, I’m not the cook in my family but I make a mean smashed avocado, fetta and banana mix for Raffa. It’s her absolute fave!

How will you be spending this Mother’s Day?

As typical to a busy mother, I haven’t really given it much thought. All I know is that I want to spend it with my mum, as well as Raffa. Three generations of women hanging out together. Perhaps we’ll head out for a nice brunch and a walk along the beach. I might even feel inclined to give Raffa her first babychino. Might be her lucky day!


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