MIANN MOTHERS SERIES | Mama Madison from @tigerandblue

MIANN MOTHERS SERIES | Mama Madison from @tigerandblue

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I recently had the pleasure of interviewing gorgeous mama of two beautiful girls and one belly babe, Madison from @tigerandblue. We talk all things motherhood, including the best bits, the challenges and what she's learnt along the way. Thanks Madison and Happy Mother's Day to you x


What’s the best thing about being a mum?
Probably knowing that I am their safe space, their calm amongst the chaos.
Being a mum also gives me a purpose, I've always wanted kids and I'm so grateful for my girls.

What has surprised you most about being a mum?
The guilt! No one really can prepare you for the self doubt or feeling like you're not doing enough. The judgmental side of being a mum is really surprising as well, none of us really know what we're doing so we should all just be kind.

How do your girls inspire you daily?
Their confidence and their quirks. I'm raising strong and independent little girls..which can be hard living with in the mean time but I'm hoping will make them strong and independent women one day.

What are your biggest challenges of motherhood?
Again, self doubt! Making the big decisions for their future like what school to send them to, morals and just giving them enough positive influences in life.

What excites you most about soon becoming a mother of three?
I'm really excited to see how the dynamic is going to change. It's a nice gap this time round, I think! Tigerlily will be a couple months from 5 and Bluebelle will be nearly 3. When Blue came along, Tiger wasn't even 2 yet so it's going to be a different experience for everyone! Also finding out the gender is exciting! Being our last baby we have kept it a surprise!

What about being a mum did you learn from your mum?
She alwaaays used to give me a lecture on 'self love' - while I used to roll my eyes at her every time she would bring it up ( a lot ) I now realise how important it is and will try and implement those values onto my kids. Also food, she is an amazing cook and has taught me a lot, I still ring her pretty much every day for help and it makes me so happy seeing that my girls love to cook and eat my food.

What’s your favourite meal to cook your little ones?
If you ask Tigerlily what her favourite food is, she'll always say curry and rice! She helps make all the condiments and lovesss my mums lamb curry recipe as much as us. I love making little treats for the girls like pancakes or a nice big breakfast on the weekends when dad gets to eat with us too.

How will you be spending this mothers day?
If previous years are anything to go by, I'll wake up to decorations in the house by Tigerlily, coffee and breakfast in bed and a roast chook cooked by Shaun for dinner. My idea of perfect.



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