MIANN MOTHERS SERIES | The mama behind Miann & Co

MIANN MOTHERS SERIES | The mama behind Miann & Co


Recently I had the pleasure of interviewing Mrs Miann & Co herself, Rebecca. Bec is mother to three beautiful children who enjoy travelling and exploring together as a family. Get an insight into her life as a Mother, including her must haves when travelling with little ones, and how her children inspire her daily. 


What’s the best thing about being a mum?

Honestly everything is the best about being a mum. I love being a mum. It's a privilege and something I honestly treasure every day.

What has surprised you most about being a mum?

How little I appreciate sleep before having kids and how important sleep is to function.

How do your children inspire you daily?

Their beautiful imaginations inspire me daily and make me smile. Seeing things for a second time but through the innocence of your children is so so special.

What are you biggest challenges of motherhood?

The juggle of time and wanting to constantly slow everything down to slow-motion to savour every minute as a family and our children in hitting their milestones.

How do you go travelling with kids, and especially a one year old?

We love travelling with our kids and have made it a priority every year. There is so much to learn from travel... gratefulness, patience, the list goes on. We want our kids above all else to be good and kind human beings and travelling helps with the learnings in facilitating this.

What’s at the top of your packing list when travelling with little ones?

A good set of transseasonal clothes that can be layered easy. Also a travel stroller that can fold down to cabin luggage has been a game changer travelling with a baby. 

What about being a mum did you learn from your mum?

My mum taught me how to sew and cook. I wasn’t quite the perfectionist that my mum was, but one of those hobbies turned into a career.Nurturing, cooking with good ingredients, making and doing things yourself was a value installed in our home.

What’s your favourite meal to cook your kids?

I love cooking pancakes. This is something we do quite often on one of the weekend mornings. It's my favourite time to chat and talk to the kids as they pop their favourite toppings on.

How will you be spending this Mother’s Day?

With my babies snuggled up in bed x


miann mothers series

miann mothers series

miann mothers series

miann mothers series

miann mothers series

miann mothers series

miann mothers series

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