This month is all about our mummas! We would like to share an insight into the life of an Insta Mum; Lauren Leeds or known as @lozleeds 

She is local to us and we absolutely adore what she does! 

Read below to see all the insider tips on motherhood, family life and everything in between. 

About the girls

I am super blessed to be the mama of two gorgeous little munchkins. Savannah is 3 going on 13 and Clementine (Clemmie) has just turned 1. They are both super fun little ones with very different personalities. This past year since Clemmie has joined our family, I have really noticed how different they are! Savannah definitely keeps us on our toes as she begins to assert her independence and wants to live her life as a “big girl.” Her silly, cheeky personality has us giggling all day and she still gives the best cuddles (much to this mamas delight!). Clemmie is our quiet, gentle little soul. She’s an awesome sleeper, an awesome eater and just all around awesome little person. As all little sisters do, she basically spends her day following around Savannah and much to her delight, playing with her toys too. They balance each other out perfectly and watching their relationship blossom has been so special.


When people would ask me what I wanted to do with my life, my response was always that I wanted to be a mum. Sure, I had other goals and ambitions for my life but ultimately that was my greatest desire. I was so excited to become a mum and grow our family but as with anything you do for the first time, there’s a major learning curve and you quickly realise not every moment is sunshine and rainbows. Since becoming a mum I have realised that motherhood encompasses a love that is endless, selfless and unconditional. Its unwashed hair, pureed vegies all over your top and sleepless nights, its hard work! And still, I wouldn’t change it for anything. I have the privilege of raising these tiny humans to become the best versions of themselves. It’s my goal as their mum to keep their childhood magical while also instilling in them the important skills and values they need to guide them in life.

Something my kids have taught me

One of the biggest things my girls have taught me is to see the wonder and magic in life’s simplest things. As mums, I think it’s natural for us to become consumed with our daily routines and making sure things run smoothly for everyone. Whether it’s getting everyone dressed, fed and out the door on time in the morning, or juggling five appointments, the grocery shopping and swimming lessons. It’s easy to just keep your head down and get through the day. It’s in those moments when I’m stressing out and trying to recall the long list of jobs that I have for the day that Savannah will point out a dragonfly out the window, or Clemmie will tug on my sleeve and hold up a book. It’s in those moments that I realise that these little people notice and see things that I so often overlook. The world is new, exciting and fun in their eyes and they want their mama to explore it with them. The washing can wait, the dishes will get done and take-out was invented for a reason. They are only little once and I don’t want to miss out on seeing the magic of a butterfly, the beautiful colours and patterns on a leaf, or the joy of jumping in a muddy puddle.

Favourite family hangout

Honestly, our favourite family hangout is at home. My hubby works long hours and often weekends, so when he has a long stretch of time with us, we usually just hang at home. Home is where the girls love to be the most, so often we will be curled up in our PJ’s, watching Disney movies and making forts.

Favourite family travel spot in Australia

We LOVE Byron Bay and go every year. Usually when my hubby finishes work for the year, we escape to Byron for a couple of weeks and just chill out. We love the laid-back nature and relaxing vibe of Byron, and the heat isn’t bad either when you come from Geelong and feel like you live in everlasting winter lol. We also love the café culture, the amazing beaches and the shopping. There is something to do for everyone and we always leave feeling refreshed, its awesome.

Favourite place to escape winter

Our family are big fans of Fiji. It’s true what they say about “Fiji time” and if you want to escape to one of the friendliest, most relaxed cultures, then this is the place for you. The Fijian people are so beautiful and accommodating and love children.

Easter with the girls

Easter long weekend was a big one for us as it was also Savannahs birthday on the Saturday, so it was one big celebration! Fun fact: I am originally from the States and as is American custom, every holiday is done larger than life! Easter is no exception and was so excited to celebrate with the girls this year. The day was pretty much going to church, having lunch with family, Easter baskets and an Easter egg hunt (most for Savannah as I am still a sugar scrooge when it comes to Clemmie loI). Finding little things for their Easter baskets has been super fun…I found little Easter Bunny bubble sticks the other day! I think I got more excited than they do…

Favourite thing I like to do on my own

I’m really passionate about photography and have been teaching myself over the past year and loving it! I have so much more to learn but I love having a hobby of my own which can also incorporate my girls. I started exploring photography because of them and it’s been fun to document their days. So quite often when I’m on my own you’ll find me sitting in my dark study, crouched over the computer editing for hours! I find it really therapeutic and creative to edit as I try to find a story behind each photograph. However, when I’m not doing that, I do love a pamper sesh to feel refreshed and rejuvenated!

Parenting tips

Remember in the hardest of times that the tantrums will pass, the guilt will fade, and it’s ok not to be perfect! Cherish the great days and try to shrug off the bad days as just that, a bad day – that’s all! You are doing a great job!


I think a lot of my interior inspiration comes from Instagram and I really love handmade. There is something so unique and special about owning handmade pieces, each one tells a story! It is through this tiny app that I’ve made connections and formed relationships with some incredible people from all over the world. I love being able to log on and see an amazing space created by a blogger in Sweden, then scroll down to see how a mum in Melbourne has used unique wallpaper in her daughters room makeover, and the list goes on. Instagram has given me the ability to access all of these small businesses that I would have never known were out there otherwise.

Celebrating in Style

I do love a bit of entertaining and find party planning super fun. I decided early on that I would do a big 1st birthday for each of the girls. Not only did I want to celebrate the milestone of getting through the first year, I also really wanted to make it a special time to remember. I chose a theme for each of the girl’s birthdays and went to work! For Savannah she had a bunny party and Clemmie just had a floral/garden themed birthday. I find lots of inspiration on Pinterest based on what I’m looking for and there are some great groups on Facebook specifically for parties that have every theme you can imagine (check out Party Mums). I also try and make some of my decorations, there are some great tutorials out there and I promise you they don’t all turn out as Pinterest fails! I find this not only adds something special to the day, but also can be reused in the girl’s rooms after the party. For example, I recently made some floral wreaths to hang over the dessert table at Clemmies party and now I am thinking of incorporating them into her room. Be creative and think outside of the box, you may surprise yourself at what you can create!

All time favourite children’s books

I am always drawn to beautiful illustrations but also books that have a purpose to the story. Books that get children to think and empathize, but most importantly also books that can result in a belly laugh. Some of her current favourites include Where is the Green Sheep, Guess how much I love you and Ruby Red Shoes.



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