Our Ultimate Guide to Caring For Your Bedding!

Our Ultimate Guide to Caring For Your Bedding!

Laundry day can often seem super daunting. Between clothing, bedding, towels and the like it can be hard to know where to begin – some items need specific treatment, things need to be sorted in to lights and darks, the list can seem endless. To lighten the load, we’ve put together a step-by-step list that you can follow to make laundry day a little easier!


STEP ONE: Remove the bedding. Separate out lights and darks, or any items that may have marks or stains (but hopefully you’ve washed these items as soon the mark/stain occurred.)


STEP TWO: We prefer to use an eco-friendly laundry powder or liquid. Some of our favourites are from the Ecostore as they don’t make our skin react negatively. We have some great options available here.


STEP THREE: Load the bedding into the washing machine, or if you’re hand washing, into the laundry trough. Don’t wind the bedding around the agitator. Place one piece on one side, and balance it up on the other side. This will reduce any damage to the cotton.



STEP FOUR: Follow the directions on the back of your laundry detergent and add to the wash as required. Surprisingly, you may be putting in more detergent than you actually need! More detergent than necessary can leave residue on your clothing and bedding, and is also bad for your washing machine.


STEP FIVE: Set your machine to a cold, gentle wash. You can wash your bedding in warm/hot water if you like, but some shrinkage may occur.



STEP SIX: When done, pull out the bedding and hang out to dry or place in the dryer on a cool setting.


STEP SEVEN: Place the bedding back on your bed, or store in your linen cupboard. As a finishing touch to give our bedding a beautiful, calming smell, we like to use a few spritzes of our Willelaine Aromatherapy sprays. Our favourite is the Refresh Mist!



- Always wash your bedding before you use it for the first time – we prefer to wash in cold water with an eco-friendly detergent on a gentle wash setting. All our products are pre-washed so they can be worn or used as soon as you get them, but washing them yourself is a great way to get out any washing products or odours.

- Hang them to dry. We don’t recommend tumble drying sheets as we believe the less time a product spends in the machine the better (But we totally get it if you don’t have access to a line, or it’s raining. Always dry in cool air). Cotton is super durable and can last for years, but sometimes accidents do happen and snags can occur – we prefer to eliminate the risk as much as we can.


How do you like to wash your items?


All our love, 

Miann & Co x

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