Our Top 5 Favourite Bed Time Stories

Our Top 5 Favourite Bed Time Stories

Bed time stories are one of our favourite ways to spend time with our little ones. Your bub is never too young to learn the magic of reading. Never to young to be taken to a new place, a new land with a group of imaginary friends. I’ve loved books for as long as I can remember, I’ve always been entranced by the magic that can be weaved by words alone. There are classics from my childhood that I now read to my own children, and new stories from new authors that are just as magical.


  1. Wombat Stew by Marcia Vaughan

This story is an iconic Australian Classic. If you grew up in Australia, odds are this one was read to you time and time again. The classic tale of bush animals trying to evade a Dingo’s meal, it also features one of the catchiest songs of all time.

  1. Guess How Much I Love You by Sam McBratney

A gorgeous book that was a favourite in our house – and never failed to make my mum cry (so needless to say this book wasn’t read that much). This beautiful story follows a baby hare comparing it’s love for their parent to larger and larger objects to show the love they share for each other.


  1. Where Is The Green Sheep? by Mem Fox

Super cute illustrations and a simple story to follow make this book a great choice for young children (and their parents!). Mem Fox, Australian author of classics like Possum Magic, has created another memorable book for the whole family to enjoy.

  1. The Story of the Little Mole (Who knew it was none of his business) by Werner Holzwarth

This book is a family favourite and cult classic. Hilarious and memorable, it tells the tale of a mole who wakes up with another animal’s ‘business’ on his head and venturing out to find out who did it.


  1. 10 Little Fingers and 10 Little Toes by Mem Fox

Celebrating the cuteness of babies, this is a great heart-melting read for adults and kids alike. With beautiful illustrations and wording, this will be a book your little one begs you to read over and over again.

We’re always on the hunt for more books to add to our library to read to our little ones, so we’d love to hear all your recommendations!

All our love and the sweetest of dreams,

Miann & Co

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