Introducing: New Season Bedding Range!

Introducing: New Season Bedding Range!

We’re so excited to introduce our new prints for spring and summer. Three beautiful, dreamy prints that are dotted and spread throughout our bedding and ranges to come. Featuring sheets, pillow cases and long awaited duvet covers, this range is a new favourite of ours.

Prairie Wilflower, Café Au Lait Stripe and Sweet Meadow are directly inspired by our love for a simpler time - Sprawling fields, littered with flowers. A crisp breeze under a warm sun. Undergrowth sprouting through the earth. Whispers on the wind, promises of more, of new, of old. A manor hidden within the forest, of green sprawling pastures and crumbling plaster. A place to get lost and a place to be found.

These prints are designed to mix and match, for all children. Bring warmth and light your space with the rich chocolate browns, sweet nutmeg pinks, the gentle spread of littered lilac blooms and all the life cornflower blue can offer. Like a story book, like an adventure, like a long forgotten box of vintage polaroids waiting to be rediscovered – these prints play on your nostalgia, your yearning of a time lost.

Prairie Wildflower is inspired by our love of the rolling prairie landscapes that spill out of the Northern Hemisphere. Invoking memories of a string of wheat, silken bows and frill white dresses, we designed Prairie Wildflower to pull vintage nostalgia straight from the heart.  

Café Au Lait Stripe is our neutral print for this season. Inspired heavily by our most popular colourway this year and old, vintage photographs of beachscapes, littered with fabulously striped umbrellas.  

Sweet Meadow is inspired by vintage florals and the Parisian countryside. Soft, sweet and muted in it’s colours, this print is designed in-house and we adore it’s effortless and timeless feel. 

Which print is your favourite? We’d love to know.

We hope you love our new prints as much as we do.

All our love,

Miann & Co x

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