The Benefits of Sleeping in Natural Fibres

The Benefits of Sleeping in Natural Fibres

If you’re a long time lover of Miann & Co, or even a newcomer to our brand, you’ll know that natural fibres are our thing. We live and breathe by the ethos that the more natural a product is, the better it is for ourselves, for our families and for the environment – and our brand is a true reflection of that. 

The benefits of natural fibres are endless, we could talk about it all day long. And we also believe that natural fibres should be included as much as possible in every facet of our lives – one of our favourite, and most simple ways to introduce these benefits, is in bedding. 

Skin is the body’s biggest organ and our protective barrier. It’s common knowledge that ‘we are what we eat’, or – what we put into our body is what fuels us, what we become. Food allergies can show up on the skin as much as taking supplements for gut health can cause your skin to take on a healthy glow. But did you know that whatever you put on your body, and around it, will be absorbed? This is true for not only lotions and creams, but your clothing and bedding as well. As synthetic fibres are made from plastics and the like, to have them against your skin means your skin is absorbing them.

Natural fibres, being completely devoid of the nasties that occur in synthetics, are inherently better for those with skin conditions. Cotton is hypoallergenic – and our journey with natural fibres began when our child developed eczema, and we found his toys (made from synthetics) were only making it worse. Along with swapping out toys and clothes for cottons, we found that changing his bedding to all natural cotton helped immensely.

You’ve probably heard time and time again that cotton breathes.This allows air to freely move through the fabric, rather than trapping heat like synthetics. For babies and little ones, this means that the trapped heat will cause them to overheat and sweat. As synthetics don’t absorb and release moisture, it will sit on the skin causing them to cool down rapidly. These temperature changes are uncomfortable and often times results in waking your child up. Natural fibres will not only keep your children at a desired temperature while they sleep due to their breathability and moisture wicking properties, but you’ll get a good nights sleep too.

Another benefit of natural fibres is how easy they are to care for. With cotton (especially bedding) you can throw into a washing machine with a bit of fabric detergent and cold water and know that they will come up as good as new. We prefer to hang our cotton bedding on the line, but they also do great in a low temperature dryer. The easier things are to wash, the more we’re inclined to use them.

And finally, cotton is of the earth. Straight from mother nature herself. This also means that cotton is 100% biodegradable and doesn’t contribute to the waste produced by the fast fashion industry that wind up in landfills. Synthetic fibres cannot break down and ultimately poison the environment they land in, unlike natural fibres.

The decision to swap to natural fibre bedding is an easy one. You can check out our varied selection of gorgeous bedding here

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